Flower My Wife
Connect with Friends every1-2 months
 Need to call Tim in May 2013


Participate in bill paying and debt/wealth maintenance planning
 2013, So far so good
Negotiate long-term land agreement
 Contact Larry Christensen Summer 2013 to discuss his plans to continue


Lose Weight, weight 199 or less by end of 2013…
 How am I going to eat?
 How am I going to eexercise?
Do a 5k every season in 2013…
 Winter: Disney 5k
 Spring: tbd
 Summer: tbd
 Fall: tbd


Take at least 1 class per semester until MBA is complete…
 Attending in Spring 13
 Need to enroll in Summer 13, Registration for Summer/Fall 2013 begins the week of April 1, 2013
Identify promotion opportunity by end of 2013
 Have expressed interest to manage a team to Greg T.


Write a personal story for a blog post
 topic tbd
Harvest a Turkey and a Deer in 2013
 Have license, need to get tag for April Turkey hunt


Revise Buckelt List tab with realistic desires
 Update list with whats been done by January 31st


Donate Time to a worthy charity
 Need to determine a worthy charity
Move American legion membership to Fox Lake
 Might want to hold off until MBA is completed, but if Andrew enlists then do it then


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