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Amongst Plenty Of Heroes

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

My wife and I are walking the Rollins Savannah, a 3.6 mile nature trail at our favorite forest preserve. Let’s see if anyone is out here too…

Plenty of joggers here too

Plenty of romance walkers too

Plenty of dads jogging behind off-road capable strollers too

Plenty of couples where only one appears to want to be here too

Plenty of friends pushing friends to greatness too

Plenty of warriors answering the call to return-to-glory too

Plenty of bikers lapping those on foot too

Plenty of age-defying champions setting the bar higher than ever too

Plenty of contenders falling back but not out too

Plenty of multi-tasking moms-in-chief in charge too

Plenty of loved ones along for the ride too

Plenty of dogs leading their owners towards that which they seek too

Plenty of brothers with puppy-brothers too (wouldn’t have guessed that one)…

Plenty of pink-clad soldiers-of-sensational too

Plenty of hat-wearing masters-of-fate too

Plenty of those who coordinate hair & shirt colors too

Plenty of like-minded folks coming and going too

Plenty of dreamers trying to out ride their shadow too

Plenty of speedy souls I almost did not capture in time too

Plenty of moms & dads doing it together too

Plenty of warriors; hey look whose back for more! (and there were others like him too)

Plenty of brilliant minds respecting hydration too

Plenty of, well no, just one of us out here getting it done in a sweaty fedora who just happens to also have an incredibly sexy hero of a wife too

So, plenty of heroes amongst you too?


A 5K A Bit Better

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Last weekends 5k was walked in 69:59 minutes.

This weekends 5k was walked in 66:24 minutes.

Enjoying the achievement.

Now to keep on enjoying the day.


Color Yesterday Victorious

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Chugged a good amount of water yesterday…

Ate well, carbs & calories in check…

Exercised after dinner on the basketball court with my son. He kept draining these long-range missiles but I kept a constant stream of short-range lasers on target to edge out the win.

Color yesterday victorious!

Singing A 5K

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Sunday sounds like the ideal day of the week to rest to me. To Nacho, Sunday is the ideal day for cardio; and he made that very clear to me.

Singing Hills is a local forest preserve which I enjoyed allot when I had my mojo on full-tilt in 2010. Seemed like a great place to return to in my quest to get that mojo back.

A nice morning was with me but rumor was it wouldn’t be hanging around for long, rain was on the forecast. What I like about Singing Hills is the trail crosses a county road exactly 1.5 miles out, and another .1 miles beyond that the trail bends hard; the perfect spot to turn around for a gorgeous 5k trek.

A 5k is exactly what I set out to walk. I made a silly mistake however. I didn’t put much effort into stretching before setting off and I took off at a very quick pace. The result of that oversight were painful lower legs trying to catch up with what my mind wanted to do.

Reality learned… muscles, tendons, joints and all that important stuff that allows us to put one foot in front if the other; that stuff does not ‘catch up’ as the trail goes by.

Hence, I had a painful and less than enjoyable 5k walk. Oh I completed it and did so in 69:59 minutes which was a bit more than a minute better than last weeks attempt. So I’m all smiles for the better time, but not thrilled I had a lessor quality walk than I should have.

The obvious conclusion is that I need to learn the proper way to stretch before a walk or jog, and, then do what I learn. If you have stretching-how-to info to share, don’t be shy.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Stairmaster Hallucinations

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

YMCA is where I went today.

A great workout with free weights on pull exercises. I have terrible form on one arm bent over rows, something I need to get better at, seriously I suck at this exercise.

After lighting up my arms, shoulders and back I went into the hot room to get some more sweat going. Last week I got on the stair master and lasted only a handful of minutes until I saw stars, angels and purple elephants before my eyes.

I returned to the stairmaster today to see if I had more for it today than last week. Turns out I had twice as much today than last week, which means I lasted 10 minutes on this beast of a machine before the purple elephants returned with an orange crocodile and I had to get off.

In summary, I had a very good workout today.

How about you, did you sweat enough today to see colorful animals that are not really there?

PR Me & Briskly

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Breakfast: Peanuts & skim milk, busy morning on the run. Grabbed this just before a gauntlet of meetings.

Lunch: Salmon, steamed veggies & salsa. Cafeteria was on its “A” game today.

Snack: Greek yogurt & tomato juice. I really wanted the red velvet muffin in the bakery case, bad! But not bad enough to be BAD.

Dinner: Grilled mesquite & thyme chicken thighs, garden salad w/ salsa. I had two of these delicious morsels, could’ve eaten all twelve.


After a day of good eating, I had to top it off with some exercise. An evening walk was in order. Set off for a 2-mile trek. Funny thing happened, I was 3-4 minutes in & I realized the I was moving rather briskly; much briskier than any walk in recent memory. Look at my feet up there, that’s a brisktastic-blur if you didn’t know.

Numbers, I got numbers to validate the brisktivity… 35:27 minutes to knock down those 2-miles… Briskest I’ve moved in a long time, no doubt a 2012-PR for me!

Brisk is good, brisk is fun, Got Brisk?

Gym Reunion Reality

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Got up and hit the YMCA for the first time in months. All of my exercise the past few weeks has been cardio walking in neighborhood, like yesterday’s 5k walk which took me a slow 71 minutes.

Back to the Y, wow; what a reality check. I lost so much strength F’ing-Off the past year’ish. Very frustrating, well it was for 2.758 minutes, then I wadded that up and put it my motivation tank and got busy.

Went through the plan I had been using in 2010, felt good to go through the routine. Its a great thing when exercise feels good.

After my arms & shoulders were spent, I hopped on a stair-climber for a bit while I waited for my wife to finish her swim. My heart was in cardiac-WTF zone within 3-minutes, another reality check!

My awakening continues…