My Bucket List
(Things to do before “kicking the bucket”)

Experience going Horse back riding (1970’s)
Visit the Golden Gate bridge (1970’s)
Visit & go to the top of Chicago’s Sears Tower (1970’s)
Visit & go to the top of Chicago’s John Hancock (1970’s)
Experience catching a Muskie (1970’s)
Experience ‘Rush’ in concert (1981)
Experience flying a plane (1982)
Experience ‘The Who’ in concert (1982)
Experience ‘Santana’ in concert (1983, 2003)
Graduate High School (1983)
Earn the title U.S. Marine (1983)
Learn CPR & other critical life saving techniques (1983)
Visit Washington, DC (1985)
Experience Climbing a mountain (Mt. Fuji/1986)
Visit the Grand Canyon (1986)
Visit Toronto & go to the top of CN Tower (1999)
Visit Niagara Falls (2001)
Experience ‘Elton John’ in concert (2002, 2004 w/ Billy Joel)
Have a house built (2003)
Experience ‘U2’ in concert (2004)
Cruise the Caribbean (2004, 2005; both west Caribbean)
Experience farting in a crowd (2004 in a crowded / closed elevator on cruise ship – LOL)
Dye my hair (2004 and once a month ever since)
Experience deep-sea fishing (2005, Barracuda)
Visit Seattle & go to the top of Space Needle (2007)
Earn Bachelors Degree (2007, only 19 years after taking 1st college course)
Experience ‘Chevelle’ in concert (2010)
Purchase hunting property (2010)
Experience (again) having blood pressure not regulated by medication (2010)
Experience a live Jeff Dunham show / performance (2011)
Enjoy family Hawaiian vacation (2011)

Attend all of my kids graduations; elementary / h.s. / college / military, etc.
Celebrate my 50th anniversary & many more
Collect 1,000+ hot sauce bottles (about 30% accomplished)
Create a family tree that can be maintained for future generations
Cruise Alaska
Cruise the Mediterranean Sea
Earn a P.M.P. certification
Earn Masters Degree
Erase from memory all thoughts & images from having watched the movie Waterworld
Experience & compete in a BBQ cooking competition
Experience not only swimming right after eating, but swimming while eating
Experience a Shuttle launch live (well not so live I am on the thing)
Experience catching a Muskie worthy of mounting
Experience hunting a Deer worthy of mounting
Experience driving a race car
Experience driving across/around the United States; single trip
Experience hiding a hundred bucks and then remembering where to find it 10 years later
Experience hiking the Appalachian Trail
Experience making an omelet so perfect it is worthy of photographing
Experience Oktoberfest in Germany
Experience putting a hundred bucks on a long shot to win
Experience shaving my head because I want to, not because it’ll fall out anyhow if I don’t
Learn Spanish, at least enough to understand when spoken
Learn to play piano, at least a song or two
Learn all the inflections of the word ‘dude’; I hear there are more than 30
Read the book my father was reading but didn’t finish before he died
Visit & attend an Olympics, summer or winter, doesn’t matter
Visit & attend races at all NASCAR Spring Cup Series race tracks (3 down, long way to go on this one)
Visit & ‘do’ all 50 states with my wife (about half complete)
Visit & drive the Great Ocean Road in southern Australia
Visit New York & go to the top of Empire State
Visit & set foot on 6 of the 7 continents; sorry Antarctica (33% complete)
Visit Mt Rushmore
Visit Napa Valley
Visit Old Faithful
Visit the Statue of Liberty
Walk down and up the Grand Canyon
Weigh in at a responsible body weight
Write/Publish a book

Be there for friends & family when needed
Honor our police, fire & all emergency responders the same as our troops & veterans
Honor our troops & veterans past & present, Never forget our fallen & missing.
Keep perspective of what is important in life; responsibly pass on the temptations of stress, anger and drama for they truly are s.a.d.
Remind my kids as often as needed that they cannot fail unless they choose to do so
Remind my wife daily that I love her
Visit Christopher / Benton Illinois at least once every 730 days

Experience having bicycle stolen (1975) – and it was a 3-speed too!
Experience Charlie Daniels in concert (1983) – last minute ticket given to me, was just awful!
Experience divorce (1998) – but it felt good, like being reborn!
Experience remarriage (1999) – thankfully!
Experience & beat cancer (2001) – whew!
Experience & beat cancer again (2010) – whew x2!
Experience & beat cancer again (2011) – whew x3!


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