Super Bowl Prediction

Posted: February 3, 2013 in Miscellaneous


Super Bowl XLVII Prediction: Ravens 23, Niners 20

I see a close SuperBowl, super-close! In close games I will take a pocket passer over a running quarterback every time.

These teams are evenly matched, super-evenly! Vicious defenses, Rugged offenses, Brothers for coaches (who cares).

The game decision will be set up by the team which commits the last mistake, allowing the other team to kick a late game winning field goal.

Again, I will take a pocket passer over a running quarterback for the win.

And the cherry on top of my pick, the team with the better kicker is the RAVENS!

Oh, and should my game prediction be a bust, the leg of lamb I am roasting for the game will be a winner, that’s a prediction you can bet on!

  1. Roy Cohen says:

    I’ll pass on the game, and go straight to the lamb! If the regular season Joe Flacco shows up, Niners win. If the recent, PLAYOFF, Joe Flacco shows up, Ravens.

    Enjoy the game, and the lamb!

  2. segmation says:

    Simple, Creative Super Bowl Snack Ideas make Super Bowl so much fun!

  3. Alan says:

    You pretty much nailed it with your prediction. Except the over/under. 😉

  4. Sure looked like I was going to be completely off the mark until the power outage happened… Very interesting that a power outage changed the dynamic of the game. Well maybe it wasn’t the outage that changed the dynamic, but something sure got the Niners going.

  5. anne h. says:

    PLEASE tell me all about how you cooked that wonderful meat!

  6. Injected with garlic and herbs, crusted in a generous dose of a fine mesquite flavored rub then oven roasted, 20 minutes per pound, 400F, and it was best part if the game!

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