Irish Fixes and Smiles

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Mission

IrishflushotsSo many people are sick these days, flu is everywhere. Myself, I had a flu shot months ago. Now, I wish I had remembered my Irish heritage and had an Irish flu shot, or two, or three…

IrishExerciseNow when it comes to exercise, I do not propose this Irish to approach burning calories.

Primal, Thank You to all who contributed your 2-cents to my post yesterday, Primal or Not, I will post again on the topic when I have finished the book, likely this weekend. Is it wrong that I had pasta for dinner last might before reading on? If so, I’ll make up for it tonight as smoked sausage is on the menu.

Today, I feel that my foot is on the mend; I haven’t mentioned that I’ve had a foot thats been in some agony. Anyhow, I hope that the pain in it is gone by end of week so I can get in some serious walking this Saturday. Has to be Saturday, because on Sunday the temperature here is suppose to drop into the near-misery range.

Blogs, I got to about half of the 40’ish blogs I like to stalk yesterday; still trying to reconnect with all now that I am back from vacation and getting my head back into healthy thoughts. I’ll get to all by end of week, promise!

  1. Roy Cohen says:

    Here’s to a healthy foot! Raising my Irish flu shot in your honor!

  2. maryfran says:

    I haven’t had an ‘official’ flu shot, that means I can partake of the Irish Flu shot right?? YIPPEE!

    Yikes to the foot. I hope that it’s well enough for you to walk and not feel any twinge of misery (ie pain!…sore muscles is the only pain we want!)!

  3. Flu shots, all medicine, should taste so good!

  4. Indeed, looking forward to some soreness from exercise; that is a good pain.

  5. Get that foot better! 🙂

  6. Carb Tripper says:

    GO IRISH! That made me lol… love ya guy!

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