To Primal or Not

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Mission

I’m reading, I’m considering, I’m wondering… Wondering what your thoughts are to this approach to eating and exercise?

Please do share!

  1. Roy Cohen says:

    Don’t get me started. Primal eating advocates (pushers) make the assumption than man’s digestive organs and brain quit evolving 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, despite that our food system has evolved faster than ever. That math does not add. Sisson goes to great lengths espousing the value(s) of Grok, but oh please buy my supplements and send me money. Kill me. The most agenda ridden bunch trend of the modern fitness era next to CrossFit. People will think I sound like I’m jaded with this take, but I’m a degreed professional who makes a good living in fitness, and has for 30 years.

    Any would-be logic in it can be debunked as quickly as you would like me to do so.

    Primal eating is not sustainable for the long-term for most, especially for people who have the following:

    -Little spare time
    -A desire to enjoy life
    -A food budget

    Ok, let the backlash begin.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, that’s what I want to hear; direct opinions based on reason.

    I’ll finish the book, I’ll keep wondering… And no doubt finish with more questions than answers.

  3. SusanM says:

    I think the basic premises are fabulous and I don’t get the virulent disgust and hatred shown by Roy. You don’t have to buy supplements or ‘send money’ because the Primal/Paleo way of eating and lifestyle are well established and easily found for free on the Net. What do I take from it?:

    – eat the best food you can in its most natural state
    – eat protein and fats without excessive carbs, just ‘eat clean’
    – no grains and for some, no dairy
    – no processed foods including sugars, manufactured fats etc
    – lots of fresh air, sunlight and natural exercise
    – no excessive cardio
    – work/life balance with ‘play time’, hobbies and family
    – proper sleep

    What is wrong with all of the above? To me it’s an eminently sensible lifestyle that would do almost everyone good. Mark also acknowledges that we do actually live in the modern world with temptations and therefore keeping on the right path most of the time is what we should be aiming for.

    I don’t get how paleo eating in particular compromises all the things Roy listed.Not sustainable for people who have jobs??? Cooking good, nutritious food from scratch is not difficult or time consuming. Yes if you were to go fully organic that would be expensive but he (Mark) is not saying it’s an all or nothing approach. Do what you can towards the points above and you’re on your way quite easily and simply.

    There’s always 2 sides to every discussion and you can possibly only decide if it’s right for you if you give it a try? it sounds like Roy has something against Mark Sisson in particular so perhaps have a look at this for another take on the whole thing. Or you could email me if you have any particular questions.


  4. Ok, as they say, ‘ask and receive’. In two responses I got two vary different opinions, perfect! Now I wish I could take the day off to finish the book and move closer to an opinion of my own, another chapter tonight I promise. I’ll definitely be noodling these first to replies / comments as I read on…


  5. Miz says:

    I really enjoyed the book.
    but no.
    Im not allll primal.

  6. How coincidental that the post I read right before yours was about that very diet! Check it out –

  7. Hmmm, would he sell more books if he used Dr. Seuss characters to promote it?

  8. I am not a person to do specific diets like this – this is Paleo – right? I eat a lot like it in terms of whole foods & veggies & all that but it does cut out whole foods groups which I am not a fan of…. to each their own & many do it BUT be aware you want to do something that you can handle life long. For example, low carb – of you love carbs, better to find a way to substitute healthier ones than cut out completely or you might be setting yourself up for failure. Some take the premise & modify to meet their needs. I never even knew about Paleo when I made my food plan. but as I said, lean meats, veggies but I do eat grains & dairy & my healthy breads. I make it work in the way that works for me as a long term lifestyle. Strict Paleo, only you can decide if you can do it long term.

  9. Thanks Jody!… the word ‘strict’ is the tricky part. I dont see being strict about any diet plan as I doubt (could be wrong) there is a perfect plan for all people. My challenge always has been finding one whose core principles I can follow and not get bored with quickly and abandon because it is too strict. That said, I need to be more honest with myself in that I have developed some bad eating habits that are actually addictions and along the way I need to stop catering to those; or so I believe.

  10. Roy Cohen says:

    @Mary. I have nothing against Mark Sisson. I have everything against an agenda absent of logic.

  11. Well, I’m paleo, very similar. It’s changed my life. I cannot speak to the ‘logic’ of it only to my life experience with it. Those are my thoughts on it. Oh, and I’m jealous that you have the updated version of the book, lol. I bought mine a few years ago.

  12. Enz says:

    I recommend It Starts With Food. It’s similar but I found it easier to read and it made more logical sense to me.

  13. Thanks Kerri. I’m not immediately certain the difference between paleo & primal, but I’ll check into that when done with the book. I definitely know to stop by your site for paleo recipes. I recall you posted a meatloaf recipe I tried (minus the mushrooms – I don’t do shrooms), mighty fine!

  14. It Starts With Food, got it, adding to reading list!

  15. Dr. J says:

    The primal diet is not too bad if it is done correctly, but their explanations as to why it is the best way to go are not correct. I’m writing a review of the diet for Monday on my column.

  16. Wow, great timing then, I look forward to visiting Calorie Lab on Monday!

  17. Carb Tripper says:

    Well, Primal/ Paleo are just a wholesome diets of not overly processed to death “fake foods”.. what could possibly be wrong with that?
    Primal allows for dairy and Paleo does not…. They use lots of good veggies, and not alot of seed oils (which are not good). I like the LoCarb version of Paleo more now that I can’t really eat junk like I did before I was sick (with the flu)… I just can’t do all the starchy sweet veggies!
    Everyone does have something to sell… it’s true…. BUT many things and ideas are out there that are worth looking into.
    This coming from a person who once lived on LoCarb Monster drinks and peanut butter…. And I’m not looking back!

  18. Seed oils are bad? I have yet to read that… I love sesame oil, not good?

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