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Caffeine Fit Or Fix

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Mission


I guess what is on my mind this morning is not whether coffee actually has a place in our approach to fitness, or, is it just a fix for what we think we need to get going? No, its broader than coffee, its specifically a question about caffeine and us.

I’ve heard some tout antioxidant properties of tea and coffee, our most common sources of caffeine. And then others counter that fruit and vegetables will do more for us in that regard so long as we eat them. To cut this typical tangent of the coffee argument short; there are a buttabazillion articles out there, like THIS ONE, that express health benefits of coffee, tea, etc… so as I write here right now, I don’t doubt that benefits are there.

Ok, then back to caffeine please. Caffeine affects us all a bit different. Similar to the notion where I can drink a shot of whiskey and notice little change in my abilities, but someone else, why they can no longer operate a pencil sharpener without grave concern for public safety. After knocking back a cup of caffeinated love, I will enjoy a pep in my step, but someone else, why they are instantly moved to the cliffs edge by an onslaught of anxiety laden jitter bugs.

Yep, I get that too. Cut that argument short too and understand that if I am going to consume caffeine then I should know my individual tolerance for it and not go over indulge.

So is caffeine really harmful to the human mind, body and soul just because it is caffeine? Or is it safe to consume as long as it is not used over-consumed to a point of addiction or toxicity??

Otherwise, I hope all had a wonderful weekend and realize that January is almost over already. Whoa, slow down father time, chill dude!

Hmm, I just had a deja-vu moment in that I feel I not only wrote a similar post before but did so very recently. Well, tell you what, had I had that moment when I started writing this post I’d have found a different topic for today. But since that moment came literally as I was telling father time to chill, this is post is going up with my sincere apologies for being redundant. 


Man on a Mission

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Mission

This weekend my son informed me he was done being obese himself. It had been a year since he worked out or ate healthy with purpose (apple doesn’t fall far from tree reference may be all too appropriate). But he has decided he has stuff he wants to do in life and can’t get it done weighing 270+… He is 19, I am so happy he has come to this self discovery now versus 39.

We went to the YMCA to get in a workout. He signed up to have one of their trainers call him and I’ll pay for one if he likes what he hears ( um, what should he ask, look for?)…

Now, I can’t have him running circles around me. So I better amp up my own commitment to getting in shape to do stuff I want to do but can’t!

Kids, they frustrate, challenge, make a mess, and bring us to tears. And along they way they inspire; guess I won’t trade him in for a motorcycle after all.

Things That Make U Go WTF

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Mission


This label is on the glass of the vending machines here, hmmm… seems like a nice idea to help those (like me) make better selectins…

But, look what is labeled as a FIT PICK:…


Seriously, um, can we get a recount on that vote!?!?

Irish Fixes and Smiles

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Mission

IrishflushotsSo many people are sick these days, flu is everywhere. Myself, I had a flu shot months ago. Now, I wish I had remembered my Irish heritage and had an Irish flu shot, or two, or three…

IrishExerciseNow when it comes to exercise, I do not propose this Irish to approach burning calories.

Primal, Thank You to all who contributed your 2-cents to my post yesterday, Primal or Not, I will post again on the topic when I have finished the book, likely this weekend. Is it wrong that I had pasta for dinner last might before reading on? If so, I’ll make up for it tonight as smoked sausage is on the menu.

Today, I feel that my foot is on the mend; I haven’t mentioned that I’ve had a foot thats been in some agony. Anyhow, I hope that the pain in it is gone by end of week so I can get in some serious walking this Saturday. Has to be Saturday, because on Sunday the temperature here is suppose to drop into the near-misery range.

Blogs, I got to about half of the 40’ish blogs I like to stalk yesterday; still trying to reconnect with all now that I am back from vacation and getting my head back into healthy thoughts. I’ll get to all by end of week, promise!

To Primal or Not

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Mission

I’m reading, I’m considering, I’m wondering… Wondering what your thoughts are to this approach to eating and exercise?

Please do share!

Attitude Attack

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Mission

attitudeBack to reality, vacation is over.

Back to working to get healthy, that battle has yet to be won.

Attitude is what makes anything wanted a reality.

My attitude during vacation was phenomenal, thus I had an amazing vacation with my wife.

Achieving the healthy state I desire is as certain as my choosing to adopt an equally phenomenal attitude towards my health.

So, I’m doing just that…

I’m choosing to have an Attitude Attack versus a heart attack, stroke, or bout of doubt.

Today, my attitude requires us to go to the grocery store as the kids ate us out of food while away; a good thing. Now we get to restock with healthier options. Just in time too, I am really craving a Mickey Magic Cookie. A sure sign I had one, or three, too many last week.

Today, my attitude will see me eat fresh and real food at the cafe for lunch. Another hunk of cheese covered meat between some sort of bread with a side of carbo-nonsense is not on the menu today!

Today, I will get healthier!

Anyone else for an Attitude Attack?

Home Has Happened

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Miscellaneous


Saturday was a day of travel home, but not before a final breakfast with good-friends…

My gorgeous Disney-addicted wife needed a dose of reality to calm her before the flight home, she chose a McRib to hit the spot…

And we are home, the ‘real’ Animal Kingdom…

A day to get the head back in the game before resuming everyday pleasures such as, gee, I forgot what to do. Hmm, maybe I should’ve stayed on vacation.