Tasty Out, Grateful In

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Mission



After the past few days of celebrating another season of gift giving and food feasting, I am extremely not-hungry.

That plate of meatballs and garlic bread, I put that leftover fare together last night from our feast the day before. It was dinner time, according to the clock, and so I put together this little  something to eat. Look at it, its HUGE… Over a dozen Italian meatballs framed in garlic bread  to ensure they don’t roll off the plate.

That picture is as close as that 2,000 calories of yum on a plate came to my mouth.

After I sat down I stared at it for a few long seconds wondering why I had made it? It was a rhetorical question as the obvious answer is that I wanted it. No reason not to want it, those are some mighty tasty meatballs and that garlic bread is beyond tasty.

For whatever reason that moment was when I realized I had enjoyed enough gluttony for this holiday, and another plate, another bite; nope I didn’t need it.

So I got up, put it away, and resumed my evening without another calorie.


I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

We had a great time gathering with family, sharing laughter and celebrating another year for which we have much to be grateful for.

Ok, so the year is not quite over. I’m not impatient and not in a hurry for 2012 to end. Nope, just recognizing that everyday is a great day to be grateful and to share.

  1. Roy Cohen says:

    Beautiful faces! I didn’t do as well yesterday but won’t beat myself up over it. Today is a new day, and yes, we are lucky and blessed that this day has arrived!

  2. Tish says:

    Good for you! I drew a(nother) line in the sand (or should I say snow) last night. Enough of the Christmas eating extravaganza. Back to my sensible, tastey food that’s going to help me get to where I want to be. Beautiful family, Patrick. Christmas blessings and Happy New year to you all.

  3. Indeed, yesterday is back there, today is here!

  4. Thanks! Line in sand, snow or it whatever it is we are standing on. Draw it and be grateful we can make such decisions and tackle life’s challenges.

  5. Yum Yucky says:

    Hmmm. I first thought they were buffalo chicken bites. How DARE you show me your meatballs at a greedy time like this!! (Ps. please send garlicky breads)

  6. I made 11 pounds of meatballs for 13 people. What was I thinking? With so many leftovers, I had to share a pic of my meatballs!

  7. Dr. J says:

    Hi Patrick!

    I think you asked me a question on my site, so this is my opinion.

    When I lived in Chicago, my dietary choices were terrible, but every one else was eating that way also. When I moved to Florida, I learned what a healthy diet was. If you continue to eat a meat heavy Chicago style diet, not only will you never get your weight down, but you are running a serious risk with having a catastrophic health event. I’ve had friends here in Florida that ate a Chicago style diet also, and they are gone! The holidays are only part of the year. What happens between now and the next holidays are what will make a difference. You are a very nice man, and I want you to be here for next Christmas. When the Bears, Bulls, and Cubs are world champions, lol!

  8. Lori says:

    Good for you for showing that kind of restraint! It is so easy to go ahead and eat thinking ‘I’ll start fresh on January 1’. I am truly impressed with your strength.

  9. WOO HOO!!!!!!! You are my hero!!!

  10. One battle won, a zillion to go; we’ve got to win enough battles to win the war for our lives.

  11. January 1,… December 26,… Got to choose wisely way more days than not.

  12. I love Chicago, always will. But no doubt less Chicago style pizza and sausage meals will do wonders for me. Going to need radical change in approach to longevity if I want to be around when the Cubs next hoist a world series trophy!

  13. Great job, Patrick. I’m trying to focus on the really good food this holiday and pass on the “eh” foods that routinely add to my calorie count. Great looking family!

  14. Karen Ogle says:

    Good for you! That was some great will power and reason at work there. I hope I can follow your example soon when I join in Allan’s Challenge.

  15. Thank you, and I agree with your soon to be campaign against salt.

  16. Hi Karen, hope all is going well with you. I have not been to your blog in a while, the last time I visited I was not able to either read it or post or something. But I will check in later to see how things are going there.

  17. Love the family photo!!! So glad you had a good one! YES, every day is a day to be grateful & make new choices!!! Honestly, almost every day I see something I WANT to eat but I just don’t.. it is all about choices… and your choices will effect how the rest of the family makes choices as well – a big thing as kids learn from their parents. Just time to move on & as you said, be grateful & make the better choices moving forward! 🙂

  18. Making wise choices everyday and make wise indulgences once in a while, that’s a skill that would come with a high price tag if it could actually be taught

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