My Friday Wasn’t So Tough

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Miscellaneous


Last Friday I had a tough day, a day which brought an end to a long legal matter. That day I was out of touch most from the media and the world until late afternoon. During the day I had heard there was a shooting, but our own situation at hand prevented me from taking time to understand the gravity of what had occurred in Connecticut.

Our Friday finally came to an end, and as it did not end well; I was in a foul, defeated, disbelieving mood. However as soon as I turned my attention to the media to see what was up, the bitterness of my disappointment was put into perspective quickly…

My day wasn’t so tough after all

How could I harbor anger or feel pain from my day, when all I lost was largely material in nature; stuff I can replace, feelings I can get over.

Those in Newtown, Connecticut; what they lost was real, and forever. How they get over their Friday, I can’t imagine they ever will.

Incredibly saddening the madness amongst us that takes to evil and takes the innocent away from us.

The picture above is in honor or the teachers & staff who were the first responders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut; six of whom gave their lives defending the children placed in their protection. May they never be forgotten.

Thoughts and prayers for all affected as they try and heal from this tragedy.

  1. Things are so small in comparison to all lost in Newtown… yes, thinking of them all & hoping for peace for them, eventually…

  2. Roy Cohen says:

    This is from my Emerge Fitness Facebook page this morning. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it here Patrick. I just want people to take note of how blessed we all really are. If you’re upset with this, please feel free to delete it…

    If these past few days have taught us anything, I hope chief among them are context and perspective. I have been striving to get lean again, beast kind of lean. My goal is to weigh 165 lbs. by Christmas day. For three months I have been eating like a shark, with few breakdowns. I’m not where I want to be though, and that’s been stressing me out.

    My daughter, 22, is in town for the holidays. All last week I had planned in my head how I could navigate my shark meals this week, while still enjoying time with her in restaurants and coffee shops – where she and I tend to hang out and philosophize. This is never a problem so long as it’s planned out.

    As we sat in a Chili’s Friday night watching basketball on one TV, and the body count of children on another, I saw my daughter’s eyes shine more brightly, and I felt a deeper love for her in the context of the day. I was fighting tears all evening.

    She puts up with a lot of what she calls my “fitness crap” and occasionally pokes fun at me for it, but she knows it’s who I am and is always supportive. I must have been looking at the body count of children TV when I chose to order Southwestern Egg Rolls as an appetizer for us – her favorite. Not exactly shark-like. She smiled.

    I honestly don’t know if I’m judged by a god. I do know I’m seen by my daughter – seen for who I am, and not what I look like. At the end of our life perhaps we are judged by a god. If so, I don’t think we will be judged by the shape of our abs or the size of our jeans. I only ate one egg roll. On looking back, I wish I had eaten two…

  3. Very well said, perspective is seen and affirmed in our actions; you chose Southwestern Egg Rolls for your affirmation that the message was received, well done Roy!

  4. Roy Cohen says:

    Thanks for taking the time brother!

  5. Amanda says:

    This tragedy certainly puts it all in perspective.

  6. My husband is a middle school principal and we are surrounded by teachers in our circle of friends. All of whom I know would have done the same thing as those teachers last Friday. I’m awed by the inspiration and humbled by the tragedy all at the same time.

    I sure hugged my kids tightly all weekend and had a moment of doubt as I watched my son walk into school this morning.

    Prayers to all of us.

  7. Indeed it does, sad tragedy wakes us up to think about what’s important when we ought to get to thinking of what’s important on any given day

  8. Yes, much inspiration coming from the acts of those pressed into heroic deeds, some at unthinkably young ages.

  9. MizFit says:

    I took it all offline yesterday with the little person and tried to spread some joy around…

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