How About That!

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Miscellaneous


My NIU Huskies have earned a trip to their first ever BCS Bowl game. To most of you, the wave of emotion that just washed over you is feeble compared to the wave that washed my family and I off our feet last night. In all we have 4 NIU graduates in our family, 3-undergrad and 1-grad diploma hang on walls in our homes. Myself, I am currently attending NIU in pursuit of my MBA. So this is a BIG deal in our clan. So much so, we had our trip for Miami booked within an hour of the news NIU was going to play in the Orange Bowl on new years day. Go Huskies!

On another “How About That!” note…

IMG_0629[1]There you see the church my wife spent every Sunday and many other days of her entire childhood and young adult years. It is also where we were married. Sadly the church attendance in that town (not where we live today) waned so much over the past decade that it in effect went out of business. The village bought the land and will create a neighborhood park on that site. So that is the feel-good “How About That” news of this story. Too often such changes result in a gas station, or apartments in an area too congested already, or worse; an abandoned lot that fosters crime upon the neighborhood for years to come.

So while we are sad to see the building that holds so many memories for us disappear, we are at peace with the change in knowing good will come from it. As well, our memories will endure forever.

How about you??… Have any How About That news to share with the masses that read my blog?

  1. Carrie says:

    Congrats to your Huskies! I’ll cheer for you because my dumb team managed to go from pre-season #1 to a berth in the Sun Bowl, Grrr.

    Very cool that a torn down building will become a park – you’re right that doesn’t happen very often. Sorry that the place where you got married is no longer there.

  2. Alan says:

    Patrick, did you see the feature article in the New York Times Magazine about NIU linebacker Pat Schiller making the Falcons taxi squad as an undrafted free agent? It was a great story.

    The Bears coulda used him yesterday. 😉

  3. Had not seen it, read it, shared it: Awesome Read! Thanks!!

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