Thanksgiving, Was It?

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Our Thanksgiving was very traditional, and a very nice time was enjoyed by all. We have much to give thanks for, and we celebrated our thanks to each other with a fine feast. Our menu was diverse, allowing the healthy conscious to stay on track, and those who wish to engage in gluttony to do so until they passed out.

Uncle Peter getting us started off right with duck kebabs on the grill.

You are looking at about four ducks worth of duck kebabs getting tasty on the grill, eight ducks in total work consumed this day.

Sisters getting goofy while waiting for the meat to make its way to the table.

The star of this days feast was this very traditional 18 pound turkey. Not pictured, is a 9 pound ham that I smoked on the smoker. I have no idea why I failed to take a picture of that beauty.

Here I am showing the turkey who is boss. Notice nobody was around me, which must of been for only two or three seconds because as I carved this bird there were all kinds of fingers picking at it while I wielded very sharp objects.

Somebody stopped eating long enough to take a picture of half of us eating, the other half are in the other room not pictured.

And what feast and gathering wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the kids, Well some of them are actually adults now but they will always be kids to us.

Hope you have as much if not more to give thanks to then we have and hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    this post of yours actually triggered my stomachs to get hungry. Please send me leftovers to make up for my inconvenience…

  2. I am stuffing stuffing into a mailer now, Bon appetite

  3. What a wonderful day Patrick!!!!!!!!!! Love the pics!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Amanda says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Such a fine gathering and impressive menu!

  5. What a great family get together! Those duck kabobs look amazing.

  6. MizFit says:


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