My Visual Pyramid, Parents

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Mission

I introduced My Visual Pyramid HERE.

Recall, each block I add to My Visual Pyramid represents a reason for being better, for losing that pound, for getting healthier, for achieving this purpose.

Today I am proud to announce I have earned the right to another block to My Visual Pyramid…

Reason 90 – Parents, give us life, give us example. What we do with what they give is up to us. Without them, I’d be up to no good.

The picture I added to my pyramid is a collage of sorts. My mother and father are the two atop the picture. Their gift to me has been so much more than dipping into the universes primordial soup tureen and giving me life. From their actions and behaviors I have amassed a gabagzillion examples which I reference every hour of every day. Some examples I follow, others I act the opposite, many I smoosh in between into something uniquely me. I love them dearly for giving me the best of themselves.

There are three other faces in that picture. Yeah, I know you see just 4-faces total. The fifth face is invisible, because I don’t have a decent photo at hand of my step-father. He came into my life about age 13 and like my parents he gave me many examples to fuel my life with.

My in-laws are the two at the picture bottom. For nearly 15 years they have been in my life and they have been in my wife’s life her entire life (duh). The example they’ve provided her helped shape her into the woman I fell in love with. As well I’ve enjoyed looking to their example as I navigate my middle years.

These examples will benefit me for my lifetime, and make no mistake I will look to them for new examples for the duration of their lifetimes. There is no question all in this picture are the corner-stones of my pyramid, my life.

Thus far I have built My Visual Pyramid as follows; my blocks and their reasons…

Reason 101 – Family, they depend on me for many things; wisdom, guidance, support, and most of all love.

Reason 99 – Cathy, my wife. She is the love of my life and I desire to love her for may decades to come.

Reason 98 – The USA, I am a proud American. I’ve served this nation and always will through it’s think and thin times.

Reason 97 – Faith, that there is a greater purpose for the brief time we are given to live life.

Reason 96 – Knowledge, Tomorrow I embark on my Master’s Degree. I will hunger for knowledge to my last day.

Reason 95 – Happiness, being happy is a great place to be; it is infectious and I want to catch more of it.

Reason 94 – Sex, life is to be enjoyed physically and mentally. Sex satisfies both and the leaner I am the more satisfied we are.

Reason 93 – Graduations, mine, my wife, my kids; seeking education / celebrating achievement should be a never-ending quest.

Reason 92 – Laughter, natures antidote against all forms of agony, it triggers healthy changes in in our attitude. More LOL please!

Reason 91 – Blogging, it’s primarily benefit is accountability. When I blog consistently & sincerely, I lose weight; so I must blog.

Reason 90 – Parents, give us life, give us example. What we do with what they give is up to us. Without them, I’d be up to no good.

  1. Roy Cohen says:

    Atenaken would be proud! Build on!

  2. I’ve liked seeing your building of your pyramid 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the pyramid posts!

  4. Enz says:

    That anonymous was me.

  5. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish my parents were still alive. I miss them so much BUT they taught me a lot! Great one Patrick!

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