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I Got Net, U?

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Mission

The Camaro hit 27,000 miles this morning, pop the champagne

I am driving downtown right now, attending a training conference for a couple days. My employer wants me to get the training or actually assess a training program, and I will. But my main purpose here is networking.

Networking is probably the most important thing any of us can do in our careers. And I also marvel at how the topics of networking will move from the work-related stuff to personal stuff such as weight loss, fitness and just general health, very quickly. Okay, we will certainly talk about the Chicago Bears a lot too.

Oh I suppose I do not need to tell any of you about the importance of networking, right? After all, blogging and tweeting is certainly a form of networking, and a potent one at that.

So today I challenge you, as I have challenged myself, to exercise your networking skills as well as your fitness disciplines.



What Not Times Four

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Today, four what-nots occupying my mind on my drive to work.

1- Christmas lights, how many Christmas lights does the average home have on it during the season? I am going to say 327. I think our house is a couple dozen short of that. What do you think, more or less?

2- Qdoba Mexican Grill or Chipotle, Which of these fast-food assembly-line burrito/taco slinging operations do you choose when you choose such a place? For me I choose Qdoba. Simply they have healthier options, and they do not push the guacamole like a dealer selling crack.

3- Looking at the picture above, there you see what I listen to on the way to work in the morning. It is true, I am a northern born city boy who is really a redneck on the inside. Yes, I just violated the commandment thou shall not stereotype; but I think it’s legal when applied to yourself.

4- Someone commented recently that 2013 will be a comeback year for Freekeh and Bulgar. Um, don’t you have to first have been atop the demand curve for a year or more to then later qualify for a comeback? Freekeh, sounds like a toddler trying to cuss.

What sort of what-not is banging around your skull this day?

Good Morning Goodness

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Mission

Friend shared this on Facebook, found it funny.

Also found it reflective of my past week. With the annual deer hunt a weekend ago, then the week that culminated in Thanksgiving, and then a weekend of Xmas decorating, shopping and running about… Every which way I turned for the past 10 days there was a food trying to trip me, knock me down, slap me backwards.

One could say the food won as I lost no weight in about two weeks. Then again, perhaps I won as I gained no weight either.

Regardless what the score has been the past two weeks, I have no doubt I will win this day and get the weight dropping again.

How did you fare this past holiday weekend?

Thanksgiving, Was It?

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Our Thanksgiving was very traditional, and a very nice time was enjoyed by all. We have much to give thanks for, and we celebrated our thanks to each other with a fine feast. Our menu was diverse, allowing the healthy conscious to stay on track, and those who wish to engage in gluttony to do so until they passed out.

Uncle Peter getting us started off right with duck kebabs on the grill.

You are looking at about four ducks worth of duck kebabs getting tasty on the grill, eight ducks in total work consumed this day.

Sisters getting goofy while waiting for the meat to make its way to the table.

The star of this days feast was this very traditional 18 pound turkey. Not pictured, is a 9 pound ham that I smoked on the smoker. I have no idea why I failed to take a picture of that beauty.

Here I am showing the turkey who is boss. Notice nobody was around me, which must of been for only two or three seconds because as I carved this bird there were all kinds of fingers picking at it while I wielded very sharp objects.

Somebody stopped eating long enough to take a picture of half of us eating, the other half are in the other room not pictured.

And what feast and gathering wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the kids, Well some of them are actually adults now but they will always be kids to us.

Hope you have as much if not more to give thanks to then we have and hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Lunch Is Served

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Mission

Simple salad with hot sauce for dressing…


What are you eating?

Deer 2012

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Miscellaneous

We just completed deer hunting weekend for 2012. That weekend always starts on Friday evening with “Shorty” serving up his world famous, well famous in his world anyway, bacon potato corn chowder. No, it is not healthy.

Saturday morning was extremely foggy, extremely! For all my fellow deer hunters out there you know that fog is not our friend. At 6:20 AM is when it became legal to start the hunt, due to the fog we weren’t able to see anything and get any shots off until nearly 8:00 AM.

If you look hard in the center of that iPhone photo, and I mean very very hard, just 25 yards from my rifles business-end is a small doe standing there staring at me. You probably won’t see her, when I look at this photo that I took I don’t even see her but trust me she is there. I let her and her three doe friends go as I was only hunting bucks this weekend.

Hunters from the farm next to our property shot this nice nine point buck but it got away from them, they trailed it on to our land where it came to rest & passed in our creek. We were nice enough to allow them to come onto our land and retrieve the deer. Most land owners are not so nice. Okay truth be told, these hunters were young 20-something girls who were so excited about this deer that we just didn’t have the heart to tell them no, get off of our property.

Ultimately, it was a very unproductive hunt for us as we were really just looking for bucks. However Andrew, who had yet to get a deer in his five years of deer hunting, did finally get one in the crosshairs and harvested this nice doe. Congratulations Andrew!

That pretty much sums up our weekend, how was your weekend?

Here Deer…

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Foggy morning greets opening day of deer season…