My Visual Pyramid, Laughter

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Mission

I introduced My Visual Pyramid HERE.

Recall, each block I add to My Visual Pyramid represents a reason for being better, for losing that pound, for getting healthier, for achieving this purpose.

Today I am proud to announce I have earned the right to another block to My Visual Pyramid…

Reason 92 – Laughter, natures antidote against all forms of agony, it triggers healthy changes in in our attitude. More LOL please!

This one is simple. When I am happy, I tend to do better in pursuing my goals. When I am laughing, I am beyond happy, and my goals are within my reach . Laughter is a critical tool in achieving anything we desire in life, so get happy and LOL!

Thus far I have built My Visual Pyramid as follows; my blocks and their reasons…

Reason 101 – Family, they depend on me for many things; wisdom, guidance, support, and most of all love.

Reason 99 – Cathy, my wife. She is the love of my life and I desire to love her for may decades to come.

Reason 98 – The USA, I am a proud American. I’ve served this nation and always will through it’s think and thin times.

Reason 97 – Faith, that there is a greater purpose for the brief time we are given to live life.

Reason 96 – Knowledge, Tomorrow I embark on my Master’s Degree. I will hunger for knowledge to my last day.

Reason 95 – Happiness, being happy is a great place to be; it is infectious and I want to catch more of it.

Reason 94 – Sex, life is to be enjoyed physically and mentally. Sex satisfies both and the leaner I am the more satisfied we are.

Reason 93 – Graduations, mine, my wife, my kids; seeking education / celebrating achievement should be a never-ending quest.

Reason 92 – Laughter, natures antidote against all forms of agony, it triggers healthy changes in in our attitude. More LOL please!

  1. YES, laughter is a great one!!!!!! We feel better & thus make better choices! 🙂

  2. Tish says:

    Totally. Laughter is the best. Plus it burns a few more calories while you’re doing it!

  3. Dr. J says:

    I had a good laugh today! As you say, it felt pretty good!!
    ( My bad, but I put this on the prior post by mistake 🙂

  4. Laugh on any blog post you desire 🙂

  5. Laughing off the Pounds, didn’t Richard Simmons market that?

  6. Contagious, laughing is contagious as they say

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