Trigger Me This Binge

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Mission


Diet, diet, diet… whether you call your eating plan (or lack of plan) a diet or not, most of us are trying to stick to a set of eating guidelines so as to lose or maintain weight. Now, if any of you are purposely eating to gain your way to obesity, well, there is a simple plan for that; open refrigerator, eat until everything is gone, restock refrigerator, repeat.

There are many evil forces which cause us to go off our eating plan. These evil forces lurk everywhere. They have been seen at sporting events hiding beneath the melted cheese of a plate of nachos. The salad bar, look close at the macaroni salad, blending into noodles it like chameleons are several evils. And be honest, tell me you have seen evil in your own freezer; right there beside that carton of rocky-road… or is yours red velvet flavored ice cream?

These evil forces have just one skill, just one; they trigger us into binges.

What triggers a binge for one person, may or may not trigger a binge for another. My wife, is triggered by ho-ho’s. Give her a glass of chocolate milk with her ho-ho’s and stand clear, the binge is on! Me, ho-ho’s do nothing for me.

Chip Dips, I mentioned nachos above. I know someone who cannot show restraint around dips of any kind. If there are dips, then there will soon be no dip; because she wont rest until it is all gone.  Me, dips are fun, but they do not trigger me into a quest to dip until done. Now chips, many people admit to chips being a trigger. Actually I think it is the evil combo of salt and carbs that is the actual trigger for many. Me, I will admit I cannot eat just one (no, this post has not been paid for by Lay’s).

Me, my triggers are many, but one that is certain to draw me in to embracing evil every time; Rice Krispy Treats. I’d like to meet the inventor of that recipe in a dark alley and go all Hong-Kong-Phooey on him or her. If ever there was someone who ought not have been born, it is that person.

So that is my trigger of all triggerswhat is yours?

  1. Roy Cohen says:

    Admitted binge eater here — though I have been able to keep it minimal in recent years. But at least a few times per year the order goes like this:

    “Hello, Pizza Hut, it’s Roy.TheHe usual large stuffed crust meat lovers and 14 wings please. Oh and there’s an extra $5 in it for the driver if he’ll stop at Circle K and pick up a pint of Ben And Jerry’s for me on the way.”

    Sadly, that is a real scenario. What triggers it is under eating, and that’s my lesson as a fitness trainer. The number 1 cause of over eating s always ALWAYS under eating. That’s why not skipping meals and healthy snacks isimportanttant!

  2. I LOVE my cookies & bread. Here is the thing though Patrick, I have learned that eve if they are there – I AM in control and & AM the one making the choice to overindulge or not. If you are trying to lose weight but still allow that treat once or twice a week like my weekend treat cookies, it is not like I can’t ever have them again so why splurge. I understand this is simplistic in terms of the mind BUT we do have the CHOICE & the choice is yours. 🙂

  3. Excellent lesson, the evil that lurks is not just in the foods, but also in our behaviors regarding food

  4. Control control control, we need to choose whether we are in control of triggers or if the triggers control us

  5. Amanda says:

    I’ve got a sweet tooth. That’s my kryptonite.

  6. Yeah, sweets in general are triggers, some just minor nudges, and others shove so hard it hurts

  7. Sweets are definite triggers for me. So is not eating enough. Last time I did that I was busy rushing around on buses and walking and didn’t stop to eat then BAM a small binge started. Wasn’t till days later I realized why!

  8. Undereating does seem to have more negatives than positives; too bad as undereating would just be too simple of a fix for losing weight

  9. My triggers are more emotional. When I get stressed and then I want to cram food in my mouth, it doesn’t always matter what the food is.

  10. I’m a stress eater too, cheeseburgers relieve stress best for me

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