I Refuse To Blank

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Miscellaneous


Ever sit down to type, or stand up, and you’ve got nothing? I mean no shred of an idea what you want to say, share or suggest?

No, liar!

Me, today is one of those days. It happens a time or two each year. The easiest thing to do is step away from the blank page and leave it for another day. I’ve done it, and it is easy. But I’m NOT into easy these days. I find I achieve more when I tackle what is hard.

Instead, I am going to make a post happen here one way or another. How, I’m picking three words at random from the dictionary on my desk and I shall knock out a post about them.

Huh, that’s nonsense? Perhaps, stick around and see if I succeed at either enlightening or entertaining, or not…

First word, Antique… I do not care for a home whose decor is heavy with antiques. An antique or two or three that have sentimental or heirloom status, that I get. But having old stuff for the sake of having old stuff, I don’t get. Museums, society erects museums for collecting and displaying old stuff, go there to look at it all. Do not turn your home into a museum. Note, I do not consider old-people to be antiques. I definitely get the value in collecting old people and having them around the house.

Month, would be word two… what does one say about the word month that others want to hear? Actually I have a question, why does each month have to be dedicated to a cause or awareness topic? April is Community Service Month, August is National Catfish Month, and I’m sure most know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month… to name three. Come on, I love Catfish and eat is all year long. Similarly I try to be a community steward all year long. And dare I say that breasts are on my mind 365 days a year? Maybe I shouldn’t have… my point, lets dedicate ourselves to topics of cause and awareness, not months.

Hahaha, word three is Hint… I think my dictionary is trying to give me a hint that I should’ve just stepped away from the blank page and left posting for another day. Good thing I don’t take hints very well. As far as hint and the use of the word hint, I’d ask the food-world to stop misusing it. Case in point, tortilla chips with a hint of lime. There is not a ‘hint’ of lime, no, the lime flavor is there or it is not. How little lime flavor there may be does not make it a ‘hint’. To hint is to suggest; you cannot suggest there is lime flavor there, you have to say there is or is not. So get it right, you are eating lime flavored tortilla chips, get the hint?!?!

And with that, I will now end this post with this final thought… Should you desire to try to sell an Antique snow-shovel in the Month of July allow me to offer this Hint, think December!

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    Niiice. what a way to spin “got nothing”. But what is this? No picture of an antique snow shovel? ehhhh

  2. Carla says:

    Im in.
    Ill pick three words here, too.

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