My Eyes Aren’t Turning Yellow

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Mission


How many times a day do you go number one… make your bladder gladder… take a tinkle… tap a kidney… and, well, how often?

Actually, do not answer that; I really do not want to know. However, what I do want to ponder is hydration.

I’m convinced I am not hydrating enough, simply because I am not walking the lizard enough (my apologies to those of you who have a pet pogona vitticeps or the like).

Simple fix, just drink more water. Ok, I like simple, but how much should I target a day for healthy hydration and weight loss?

  • 8 x 8 (Eight, eght-ounce glasses a day)? Easy numbers to remember, that is a 1/2-gallon, seems like no where near enough.
  • A gallon? 128 ounces is not so easy to remember and the thought of drinking from a gallon jug is a bit twisted.
  • More? If so, how much more? 200 ounces, or 300? At some point I would need to move my desk into the bathroom to remain productive.

As usual, my mind wants to find a perfect-number and then figure out how to attain that. Some minds don’t work like mine and I’m guessing careless about the number and rely on some other means to ensure they get enough.

So share, share how you know you are getting enough water; please!

  1. Well, it used to be 8 x 8 ounces of water a day but things have now changed to take into account activity level & also foods with water in them.. a lot of healthy foods have a high water content. If you are already thirsty, you waited too long… and yes, you want your pee to run close to clear to show that you are hydrating enough. You can start with those 8 glasses & see how it works for you & your pee color & modify from there. 🙂

  2. Roy Cohen says:

    I’m lucky because I work from home and seldom leave, I’m never too far from a bathroom. I drink coffee and water all day long, so I shake the weasel hourly or more.

    I think we tend to overplay the “water” thing far too much. We hydrate with foods too. So much of what we eat all day long has more water in it than we realize. Also, people tend to view other fluids as not being water. Whether it’s milk, or Diet Coke, it’s mostly water. And despite the popular notion to the contrarycaffeinene is not a true diuretic. That is, caffeinene does not cause one to flush more water than one takes in with a caffeinateded beverage such as coffee or tea.

    All that to say, it is my opinion that most folks are plenty hydrated…

  3. Big Clyde says:

    I suggest going with a tremendous amount of water (1. to hydrate and 2. to suppress the appetite). I try to drink about 130 oz per day. I just found an insulated 34 oz. commuter mug that I like and fill it about 4 times per day. One big drink when I first wake up. Drink throughout the day and one around dinner.

  4. Amanda says:

    I am for 8 x 8 mostly because that’s 64 oz’s…easy to measure and easy to get. However, I don’t limit myself to it…obviously, on days I hit the gym, I drink more. I sip water all day and don’t let myself have ANYTHING else to drink until I get at least that 64 in. And despite what some may think, there IS water in your food so if you’re getting 64 oz of water in through the liquid, you’re adding to it with food.

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