Energy Drink Oh No

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Miscellaneous

I do not drink energy drinks. While I find the concept reasonable, I find the taste repulsive. I also have a pride issue with feeling I need to rely on a beverage to make or break my ability to perform.

That said, these latest additions to the energy drink market will fall way-way-short of prompting me to reconsider and join the ranks of the energy drunk militia.

You a militia member?


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I drink coffee. 🙂 Hubby drinks one of those Monster drinks for his coffee. 😉

  2. Lori says:

    LOL! I got a free sample of 5 hour energy recent and had it before a workout. I liked the effect. Of course it is B vitamins and no caffiene.

  3. Used on once to try it, didnt find the affects very uplifting. Could be I was already amped up naturally though.

  4. I try and stay free of coffee, but do drink some here and there I admit.

  5. Carrie says:

    I drink coffee. I’ve tried a 5 Hour Energy a few times and it’s okay. I don’t think I’d ever do the Red Bull/Monster type high-calorie thing. Love the picture.

  6. Maybe if they made Buffalo wings flavored energy drinks, then I might be there

  7. MizFit says:

    oooh pretty colors.
    thats where it ends for me.
    I dont put said colors inside me 🙂

  8. Yes interesting thought, sometime the pretty things are not good for us

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