What Will Today Bring?

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Mission

Good Morning!

Each morning I usually do not ask myself questions. I just get up, get the 3-S’s accounted for, and get on with getting to work and going about the day.

This morning as I was walking into the office, out of no where I asked myself, “What Will Today Bring?

Immediately I found that odd. Why today of all days did I choose to engage in a self-chat about the day ahead?

Was it the wonderful sunrise that greeted me on my morning commute; I’ve caught the essence of that in the picture above.

Was it a sixth-sense thing where I’ve been prompted from beyond to be prepared for the unknown, or, wake up to the obvious?

You can easily see that one simple question kicked off a storm of questions. When I realized I was approaching question overload, and as well the doors to the office, I said enough! Enough of the the questions without answers.

As I ascended the stairs to my floor I sorted the questions out, and tossed them all aside except the first one; What Will Today Bring? The rest of the questions I found to be trivial because I have no control over what they asked of me.

But the question, What Will Today Bring?, not trivial.

I control to some extent what the day will bring, and I control to a large extent what I do with what comes my way. Thus I control to a great extent the results of my day.

So, What Will Today Bring?

Happiness, because I control whether I choose to allow unhappy encounters to hang around and dwell on them.

Love, because I control grabbing those I love and squeezing them with all I have to give.

Attitude, because I control stepping up to my passion, keeping my eye on my path, and leaning into my purpose; it will be mine!

What Will YOUR Day Bring?

  1. Good for you Patrick!! I got to the gym but unfortunately the rest is the dentist & pain when the Novocain wears off – but I will survive! 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    I hope my day brings all that your does…such a great attitude!

  3. Attitude Is jet fuel like no other

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