Weekend Lessons

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Mission

This weekend was great fun; I hope yours was too!

An awesome time hanging with family at a couple of sporting events. First pictures, and then what I learned from these events…

Saturday we went to see the White Sox game

It was Frank Thomas‘ lucky day as he got to meet me.

Our seats for the day, and a gorgeous day for baseball it was.

Seventh-Inning Stretch, we never did figure out why everyone was looking to the press boxes.

Sunday we went to the Ryder Cup

Bright and early, time for a quick picture to prove we were really here before the sprint to claim a spot to watch the days action from.

From our seats atop the grandstand at the 16th green which also gave us an elevated view of the 17th tee & green and the 18h tee as well. We were there at 7:30 a.m. to claim this prize spot, and we would sit/stand here for nearly 7 hours before we saw the first golfers arrive at the 16th hole.

I’ll spare you a barrage of pics of the golf greats we saw and share just one. Here the mighty Tiger Woods, who was nowhere near mighty this weekend, gets his putt underway on the 16th green; he missed and halved the hole.

Two events, two results, two lessons.

The baseball game, a blowout, we fell behind 10-0. Late in the game, it would’ve been so easy to give up when a loss is evident. But, our team did not give up, they were determined to try to the end and make the impossible happen. A late game grand-slam homerun gave the fans some excitement in the midst of disappointment.

The lesson, inspiration does not come solely from observing victory. It often, if not most often, comes from watching a battle against steep odds and observing the refusal to accept defeat and the determination to achieve something most observers believe they cannot.

The golf tournament, a loss when victory seemed assured. After two days of this three day tournament the USA had a sizable lead over Europe. As day three’s battle wore on Europe slowly eroded that lead and had reason to believe they could snatch the victory. With just two golfers to go, our confident cheers had turned to silent prayers that our team could hang on. The prayers didn’t work, we lost by a point. As we walked back to the car we talked about all of the missed shots of the past three days that made the difference between winning & losing. Any one of a dozen shots, had they gone different, and we would have won.

The lesson, every point counts! For us weight-loss warriors, every decision counts. Any one decision during a day can mean the difference between a day of progress or a day of more of the same. Any one day we choose to binge and pretend it won’t matter is the difference between a week of progress or a week of more of the same. Days of poor decisions become weeks, weeks become months, months become years, and then decades and then a lifetime of looking back at all of the missed shots to make good decisions.

Lessons are all around us. Look for them, get inspired, and don’t give up!

  1. Great post Patrick – YES, don’t want the poor decisions to be there at the end of life & especially if the end is early due to poor decisions…

    My hubby was not a happy camper about the chokes at the Ryder Cup! 😉

  2. Oh the chokes were plentiful yesterday, just embarrassing really.

  3. Amanda says:

    Great lessons!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend was had. Great post with super lessons indeed.

  5. So true. Lessons are all around, and I find that the best ones come at the least likely times.

  6. MizFit says:


  7. Good point, lessons come up and get in our face; we just need to be willing to see them.

  8. Would be nice if we could watch our way to success, but, we can’t

  9. Carrie says:

    So cool that you went to the Ryder Cup. We were watching from our couch a lot this weekend. I’ve always wanted to go to a golf tournament. Not sure why.

  10. Great time, go to one and have fun!

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