Rules, What Rules?

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Mission

Life is full of rules, some good for us, some not good.

A majority of the rules that affect us, are those we create and impose on ourselves.

Rules can be complex and rigid, they can be simple and adaptable. Myself, I prefer the latter, although I admit that adaptable can work for or against me. Adapting to the point of abandoning without replacing with a new rule is just quitting.

Focus on what rules set the foundation for how you must behave in order to improve your life.

Your rules should not be many, but for one person one or two rules will do, and another ten or so are necessary.  Your rules should reflect who you are when you are at your best for yourself and those closest to you. Your rules should be yours, not a list or rules promoted by others; those are their rules and while we can learn from each other we cannot be each other – be yourself!

My Rules…

1. Ask, otherwise I will not learn

2. Start, otherwise I will not finish

3. Believe, otherwise I will not stay the course


Your Rules…







  1. Roy Cohen says:

    “Adapting to the point of abandoning without replacing with a new rule is just quitting.” A great concept and belief!

    I think I live by one rule above all others: Never take the easy way out — it always makes things harder in the end.

    Oh, and there’s the Golden rule too. Comes in handy 🙂

    Hope all is well with you Patrcik!

  2. Like this Patrick! I have been one to make my own rules as I get older – 😉 Old people do what they want! 🙂 Honestly, for me, it is always learning & always a work in progress so that leads right to always finding what works even if that means change….

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    Mine are: 1. Be patient. These things takes time. 2. Be diligent & consistent. Starting & stopping causes obvious delays and can crush confidence. 3. Never give up. Because I refuse to look back on “what could have been”, had I stayed the course.

    I love this, Patrick!! you are easily once of my favorite bloggers. xoxo!

  4. Championship rules from a champion!

  5. Huh, you are right, we do embrace rules more as we age.

  6. Roy, purposely taking the harder route is something I’ve told myself i need to do more of. I do at times but am not consistent by any means in doing so.

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