Factors For Triumph

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Mission

Last night I was reading an article on an unexpected British feat of snatching victory from the jaws of certain defeat; they were out numbered, under supplied, wrought with fragile morale, not to mention had those factors been reversed they still would’ve faced an absurdly-extreme challenge.

But being British, surrender is not an option. So they looked for those factors that would increase their odds of triumph should they be able to control them.

Hmm, I’m obese, shouldn’t I look to take control of the factors of triumph?

1. Intelligence… The British put extreme effort into gathering intel on their enemy. They put equal effort into gathering every shred of knowledge on themselves; each man’s special skills and subsequent weaknesses. This vital intelligence became the basis of spectacularly successful plans, contingencies and counter-measures.

Hmm, I’m obese, shouldn’t I seek Intelligence on how to eat, exercise and behave healthy? On how to counteract temptations and emerge on top?

2. Conception… The British knew they couldn’t sit back and watch a fight drag on; if they did they’d lose strength, morale, and control. They conceived a variety of plans for each challenge and didn’t hesitate to order a change in plans when one stalled or lost ground.

Hmm, I’m obese, shouldn’t I conceive changes to my eating and exercise for when I plateau, see the scale unexpectedly go the wrong weigh, etc?

3. Equipment… The British secured every loaf of bread, piece of armor, loose bullet for the battle. Defeat was likely if they left any available tool of victory unused.

Hmm, I’m obese, shouldn’t I gather the support of friends & family, the healthy food, the work out clothes and equipment I have (or can afford to get) for my battle?

4. Morale… The British, man to man, knew all the knowledge, plans, and supplies in the world wouldn’t give them a guarantee of success if they couldn’t find the will to pull themselves together and stand up to the challenge no matter the odds, the risk, the reasons to accept the ease of surrender. As the battle dawned they looked to the reflections of their bayonets to peer into their own eyes, into the eyes of their fellow countrymen, to the sky for the eyes of God for the will they so desperately needed. And each answered with one voice, surrender is not an option!

Hmm, I’m obese, shouldn’t I shouldn’t I affirm my will to stand up to the challenge, to do what’s difficult, to believe that I can succeed?

Shouldn’t I believe surrender is not be an option?

Shouldn’t you?

  1. Great one Patrick! YES, surrender is NOT an option! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

  2. Great post! When the scale doesn’t go your ‘weigh’, of course you shouldn’t surrender.

  3. Amanda says:

    Fantastic post! Yes I should!

  4. Nice post, Patrick. There are so many lessons there. I enjoyed learning more about this time during the Olympics coverage.

  5. MizFit says:

    Im off to snatch today away…

  6. Yea, agreed the Olympics were enlightening regarding our British brothers n sisters

  7. Surrender may be draped in fast food and decadent desserts but it is not an option

  8. Doing what must be done!

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