Bonding Over Bundt

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Realizing that summer is giving way to fall, which is just fine by me, I’ve been trying to make use of daylight as much as I can. The alternative is sitting in the family room watching the crap that streams on our television every evening; no thanks!

Lately my son and I have been getting out and playing basketball (noted in previous posts). We’ve also pulled out the baseball mits to get in some catch time. Catch is a great way to spend time together while the grill is doing its thing turning raw meat into delicious perfection. Oh catch doesn’t burn many calories, but it does burn a few. Better yet it allows for bonding with my young-adult son while he still lives at home; something I’m guessing he will do for another year or two tops and then poof, opportunities for basketball & catch will become rare.

Another bonding moment came with my wife last night when she was overcome with an unstoppable-urge to make chocolate chip cookies. While I myself do not need any cookies, didn’t want any cookies, I went into the kitchen to help her out. Now my wife follows no recipe, follows no standard on how things should be done. Hence why when it came time to take the cookie dough we had whipped up and lay it out on cookie sheets, she opted another direction and dumped it into a bundt-cake pan. A half hour later we are looking at this massive bundt-cookie.

Yes, summer is giving way to fall… And soon fall to winter… My kids are giving way to adulthood… I am giving way to mid-life… My cats are giving way to sleeping more… The world’s compassion is giving way to conflict yet again.

Do not sit idle and watch what is before your eyes today give way to tomorrow.

Get up, grab those who you love, and bond with them today and everyday!

  1. Great post Patrick! So timely as we just lost my husband’s youngest brother last night at the age of 50. I will write a post tomorrow as he basically took his own life thru addiction BUT we must understand that people do not live forever.

    Such a great post Patrick!

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss Jody. Our forevers are not known to us, we must cherish today for as long as we have todays.

  3. Amanda says:

    So easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of every day routine and forget to actually spend some quality time with those we love. Great post!

  4. We need to find a balance between us and others even though our first priority must be ourselves.

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