Weigh-In Whapp

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Mission

Good Morning one and all! Well not the guy that cut in front of me and four others in line this morning, you sir need an adult time-out (kick in the groin).

My weigh-in for this week …
Results: Lost 0 pounds
Scale read 291.6 this morning.

Not happy. I am not pissed-off, but I am not happy.

Mostly because I am not certain why the scale stayed in place last week. I ate good on all days but one; last Friday met the fellas for a few beers and we dined on KFC. Not good, but considering my other days of good eating and getting in exercise; I’m scratching my head over this WI this morning.

Best I can gather, my water consumption was the least consistent part of my past week. I find it hard to believe only getting in 50-60 ounces of h2o daily versus the desired 100-120 is the real reason here, but that’s the only obvious stumble I can recall other than Friday with the fellas.

Likely a combo of both, ho-hum.

The good news, I’m going to have a better week this week!


  1. Amanda says:

    You stepped up your workouts this week…are you sore? Sore muscles = water retention. So it could be a possible culprit. Hopefully this week will be more rewarding. 🙂

  2. jo says:

    Yeah. I feel your pain. Scale is up a bit for me, too. Discouraging. We just need to keep doing it and keep our focus.

  3. Scales can be fickle Patrick. You did have the beers & KFC closer to your weigh in day. Can you figure out estimate of calories, sodium & fat.. you might have had enough to make up for the calorie deficit. Don’t forget we can’t out train a bad diet – it takes way more exercise to burn off a smaller amount of food… unfortunately…..

  4. Agua es muy importante. 😉

  5. Ann says:

    One word……..sodium……Don’t give up. You’re doing so great. Yes, definitely the water is key. Hang in there. Rock the scale next week!

  6. Yes, sore muscles indeed.

  7. Even though the scale didn’t go down it was a good week, so not letting the scale rule my mood

  8. Good reminder here, no doubt the KFC decision was a poor one

  9. Merci ami avec beaucoup de courbes

  10. I got a rock for that scale!

  11. Water retention can be such a horrible thing! Sodium is a bummer because it makes food tasty but it causes such problems.

  12. I don’t salt food at the table but I do season meat before it hits the grill. And certainly choices like KFC are sodium traps

  13. Carrie says:

    Scales suck. Don’t let the stupid number derail you.

    Are you keeping a food log? I know you mention keeping down your carb intake, but maybe the ratio of carb, fats and proteins in your diet may need a bit of tweaking. Something to think about.

  14. Hmm…I believe in water, but it’s falling behind calories, exercise, and sleep on the list of things I’m really focused on. We agree on sodium, though. It’s evil and addicting.

  15. Tweaking, such a funny word, but yes I need to make adjustments to ensure the fat & protein I’m getting is high quality… Doesn’t help to drop carbs and replace them with poor fat & protein choices ( e.g. KFC )

  16. Evil must be struck down and vanquished to beyond our reach

  17. Big Clyde says:

    Sorry about the zero. What calorie level are you at?

  18. Trying to hit a daily range of 1800-2000

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