Singing A 5K

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Sunday sounds like the ideal day of the week to rest to me. To Nacho, Sunday is the ideal day for cardio; and he made that very clear to me.

Singing Hills is a local forest preserve which I enjoyed allot when I had my mojo on full-tilt in 2010. Seemed like a great place to return to in my quest to get that mojo back.

A nice morning was with me but rumor was it wouldn’t be hanging around for long, rain was on the forecast. What I like about Singing Hills is the trail crosses a county road exactly 1.5 miles out, and another .1 miles beyond that the trail bends hard; the perfect spot to turn around for a gorgeous 5k trek.

A 5k is exactly what I set out to walk. I made a silly mistake however. I didn’t put much effort into stretching before setting off and I took off at a very quick pace. The result of that oversight were painful lower legs trying to catch up with what my mind wanted to do.

Reality learned… muscles, tendons, joints and all that important stuff that allows us to put one foot in front if the other; that stuff does not ‘catch up’ as the trail goes by.

Hence, I had a painful and less than enjoyable 5k walk. Oh I completed it and did so in 69:59 minutes which was a bit more than a minute better than last weeks attempt. So I’m all smiles for the better time, but not thrilled I had a lessor quality walk than I should have.

The obvious conclusion is that I need to learn the proper way to stretch before a walk or jog, and, then do what I learn. If you have stretching-how-to info to share, don’t be shy.

Enjoy your Sunday!

  1. Well.. congrats on getting out there BUT yes, you may need to do some warm up. There are things called active stretching that I wrote a post on my blog about a while back & also when you start out, don’t go fast at first – slowly start into it & then pick up your speed. Me, I am one that does some core/ab work first to warm up my bod so I don’t active or static stretch cold… then I so some stretching & especially calves & my legs, hips, hip flexors since at my age, I learned I have to be way more careful than when I was younger & just went at it & USED TO HAVE NO PROB. NO more at my age – I have to do this first! 🙂

  2. Enz says:

    Congrats on getting a 5k PR! That’s awesome.
    I used to get awful shin splints, and I found the best thing for me was doing heel raises throughout the day, every day, whether i was running or not. Standing at the kitchen sink, do heel raises, at the photocopier, brushing my teeth..wherever I could fit in 10-20 of them I would, it all adds up.

    That said, also start off slower and build up your pace!

  3. Big Clyde says:

    Nicely done! I may do the same.

  4. Well I’m not that far behind you on the calendar, so I can relate to what you share and starting out slow seems to be a must for me.

  5. Heel raises, those I can do; thanks for the tip.

  6. Let’s keep these fires lit and get this done!

  7. A good reminder. I like to skip the stretch phase, too. To my peril…

  8. MizFit says:

    my best tip is DONT BE ME.
    I waited 40 years to start stretching:-)

  9. Amanda says:

    I start with a slower walk before my run (same idea…slower pace and ease into top speed). That seems to do it for me but don’t forget to stretch after your walk too! Makes it easier to recover the next day and for your next workout! Proud of you for getting out there!

  10. So easy to skip it, been skipping it for eons

  11. As they say, better late than never

  12. I like the pre-walk before the actual walk idea, especially for when i want a timed result. Of course, stretch before any of it 😉

  13. Yum Yucky says:

    What works for me is 5-10 minutes of dynamic, stretchy, Yoga-ish moves, which target my entire body. No static holds or bouncy stuff. All very flowy. Anything less than this and my workout suffers. Yes, I learned the hard way not to let my workouts suffers. Then after the flowy-stretch, I walk for about 1/4-mile mile before starting to run. It’s all very calculated and scientific. Feel free to try my (fancy?) methods.

  14. I’m game for trying the flowy-stretch way of the force, need guidance on just what to do though. We don’t want a guy like me making this stuff up on his own.

  15. William says:

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