Look Up Your True You

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Mission

You can’t attain a goal looking ahead.

You can’t look backwards.

That line, you’ve walked it; so don’t look upon it further for what you’ve been unable to see come true.

Goals, they are above and beyond our current reach.

Trust in your ability to look up, to see the line that leads to what you need, to pull your attitude up to meet what it requires to achieve your true you.

Choose to look up!

  1. I have a new boss who does this. Sets ambitious goals. It gets us out of our current reality and into a more productive place.

    BTW, I loved Sweetness (Walter Peyton).

  2. Love it! Choose to believe in you! 🙂

  3. Tish says:

    Yes. I’m right there beside you.

  4. Yes, we need to move past our comfort zone to achieve that which we have not been able to achieve in the past

  5. Excellent, if we do not believe in ourselves, how can we succeed?

  6. Sweet, the more the merrier

  7. Ann says:

    Love this one. Great post. A good reminder for me for sure.

  8. Chug chug chug the aqua aqua aqua

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