PR Me & Briskly

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Breakfast: Peanuts & skim milk, busy morning on the run. Grabbed this just before a gauntlet of meetings.

Lunch: Salmon, steamed veggies & salsa. Cafeteria was on its “A” game today.

Snack: Greek yogurt & tomato juice. I really wanted the red velvet muffin in the bakery case, bad! But not bad enough to be BAD.

Dinner: Grilled mesquite & thyme chicken thighs, garden salad w/ salsa. I had two of these delicious morsels, could’ve eaten all twelve.


After a day of good eating, I had to top it off with some exercise. An evening walk was in order. Set off for a 2-mile trek. Funny thing happened, I was 3-4 minutes in & I realized the I was moving rather briskly; much briskier than any walk in recent memory. Look at my feet up there, that’s a brisktastic-blur if you didn’t know.

Numbers, I got numbers to validate the brisktivity… 35:27 minutes to knock down those 2-miles… Briskest I’ve moved in a long time, no doubt a 2012-PR for me!

Brisk is good, brisk is fun, Got Brisk?

  1. Enz says:

    Good food is good fuel! Congrats on your PR.

  2. Well said, true, a Big Mac attack never was followed up by my moving briskly

  3. You go Patrick!! You are back in the game.. soon to come – that hill from lat year! 🙂

  4. That hill, from 2010, Stanton Hill! I’ve not forgotten that hill, we will dance again for sure.

  5. Amanda says:

    Wahoo for brisk walking! Good for you for fueling your body right throughout the day and knocking out that walk later. You rock!

  6. Rocking the day, cool; rocking multiple days, very cool. Going for very cool here.

  7. Krissy says:

    Nice job! Good food, and good exercise. I bet it feels great to be faster.

  8. Yum Yucky says:

    That brisktastic-blur is filled with so much brisktivity, it’s almost too much for my eyeballs to handle. BOOM!

  9. That extra pep in the step is what I’ve been looking for, well that and the $5 I lost

  10. I recommend sunglasses for brisk-watching, perhaps something in a tortoise-shell frame?

  11. Now that is a fantastic day!!

  12. Felt fantastic indeed

  13. Carrie says:

    That is a fantastic day – you are on a roll! Keep up the good work.

  14. Ann says:

    I was pretty dang brisk with the P90X this am! You are moving along and your food looks tasty. Good job!

  15. Jo says:

    Patrick, do not say red velvet ever again. Never. Ever. I could eat a boatload of red velvet! 🙂

  16. Rolling rolling rolling

  17. Tish says:

    Good food choices + Good brisk walking = One Happy Patrick!

  18. Dr. J says:

    Just visiting to see how you are doing.

  19. Big Clyde says:

    Your food choices look great and you got in some brisk exercise! I need to get on that train myself!

  20. PX90, That has to be a challenge, good for you for accepting the challenge!

  21. I cannot guarantee I will NEVER say it again, but i will be very reserved in my use of such language.

  22. That math I can embrace

  23. Thanks!… Doing better than I was 30-60 days ago, gaining momentum

  24. The train stops by multiple times daily, always a seat with each of our names on it; we just have to decide to get on and enjoy the ride.

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