Back To Many Things

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Miscellaneous

My mojo is inching back to all-systems-go a little each day. But very evil evil evil beings are out there who would stop my ascent if I let them. Their evil weapons of choice, donuts and bagels the size of hubcaps left in the hallways I frequent. They are EVIL I tell you!

Weather here is returning to back to unpredictable. Gorgeous day out one moment, then I get in my truck, and boom; midwestern USA monsoon. Hey, after July being a hot-mess, I’m really not complaining about August’s many stormy days.

My wet drive brought me back to the dentist. Twice a year like clockwork I get the choppers checked & cleaned. No cavities Mom!

My dentist insisted I get back to flossing as he handed me my brand new orange toothbrush. Yeah yeah, I’ll get right on that. The toothbrush reminds me of someone I met once who insisted the dentist was unnecessary; said the dentist and gynecologist were scams created by the medical industry to steal our money. Uh huh, bet she didn’t immunize her kids or bathe them with soap either.

And finally, with school in session again, that means we’re back to soccer too. First games of the fall season last night, we tied one and lost one.

Back to the point, well I guess I’m just now getting to the point; Life is demanding of our time and attention… Life does not care whether our mojo is all-systems-go or no-systems-go… Life will live our days for us if we let it… Life however is ours to live as we choose to love it.

If You Love Life, Live It!

  1. Great post Patrick – YUP choices again! 🙂 Life is unpredictable & really hard at times so it comes down to choices & what we feel is most important. I hope health is there! 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    Wahoo! Yay for no cavities! I agree with her on the gyno bit, btw… as for you…no uterus…no opinion! LOL! Busy schedules and coersive coworkers can definitely make sticking to plan difficult but we can do it!

  3. No cavities is always good! The weather here is unpredictable as well. Today though a little cooler but sunny so I’m definitely going to get some walking in. Hope you have a great day and don’t let the evil get to you 🙂

  4. Busy is good, but busy is dangerous, we must learn to thrive in busy moments or we wont succeed at this.

  5. Spraying myself with evil repellent as I type.

  6. Have health there now, hope and need to keep it there!

  7. Tish says:

    I think those EVIL goodies in the hall look tacky. One strategy I have with those kind of offerings is to imagine that the office nincompoop has just had a big wet sneeze over them. Do a Star Wars thing, too–“those are not the goodies you are looking for, ignore them.”

  8. Yeah, go “star wars” on the evil amongst us!

  9. I often silently swear at evil things like mounds of pastries and baked goods. Eff you, eff you, and eff you to each and everything evil thing in that hall!

  10. Swearing the calories away, now thats a different and potentially fun approach

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