Cranking Up A Weigh-In

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Mission

That PB&K bar has nothing to do with my weigh-in. Let’s talk WI first and foremost shall we…

My weigh-in for this week …
Results: Lost 1.8 pounds
Scale read 291.6 this morning.

Simply I am surprised at this decent drop, very surprised!

First few days of the week I struggled with portion control and my grazing was too frequent. The past few days I had to amp up the discipline and exercise to make up for the sluggish start.

I would’ve bet all the $ in your wallet that I let last weeks opportunity for a loss slip through the cracks.

My mission here is to lose weight, allot of weight; so I cannot accept lost-weeks!

Ok, cranking up my attitude and accountability for this coming week which starts NOW!

Back to the PB&K bar above, looks delicious doesn’t it? It is, trust me, I’ve eaten several. That and these treats below were at the grocery store yesterday. Even when being healthy, my eyes fall upon these horrendous choices easily.

OMG I love this convenient bundle of love; mozzarella & salami rolled up tight. I’ve eaten these, the entire package in one-sitting many a time. That snack, a whopping 700+ calories! Dumb, just dumb!!

These I have never eaten before, probably just because I have never seen them before. BLT flavored chips, what flavor will they come up with next?

I guess it’s that time, Halloween is just over 2-months away. Time for stores to create gauntlets of candy for us to walk through.

We bought none of the junk, crap, killer choices above. Instead good choices were bought for meals such as these…

Whole chicken which I roasted on the grill beer-can style; this bird was oh-so-good!

Salmon, also grilled, which may be hard to see under the fresh salsa I blanketed mine in.

Choices, success is a choice. It is the choices we make along our missions way which secure our success, or, failure. We get to choose which we want; how cool is that?!

  1. Tish says:

    Trust me–take the loss, even if you’re not sure you earned it! Then stick with your determination to crank up the effort and sail to another loss next week, and another after that, and another . . . .I confess to sometimes being a bit dismayed by unexpected losses, what if I can’t keep it up so that I lose again the next week? But I keep trying and, so far, 8 months later, it’s still working. Mmm, maybe grilled salmon this week. Looks deelish!

  2. You go Patrick!!! I have a post ready to go tomorrow on all about choices! 🙂 IT is all about that. Looks like your hard work at the end of the week paid off – CONGRATS!!!!! Keep up the great work – there will be bumps but don’t let them deter you!!!

  3. Sometimes I spend too much time thinking about it, having more trust in myself should ease that

  4. Thanks! Feels good to exceed what was expected

  5. Awesome WI, Patrick! Foot ball season starts in 16 days! 🙂

  6. Amanda says:

    All the food looks fantastic! Except for that blt chips thing…eeewwwww. Nothing about that says “real food.” LOL. The chicken looks delish!

  7. Bears & Jets in SB47, Bears win of course!

  8. I like a fresh and stacked BLT. But reduce that flavor to dust form and blast it into potato chips; nope! If I wanted a BLT on a potato, I’d make a BLT and shove it into a baked potato. Then I’d throw it away because that sounds disgusting!!

  9. I knew you were going to have a loss this week!! You may feel you didn’t deserve it but take it and keep the ball rolling

  10. Enz says:

    Focus, persistence and determination!

  11. Rolling on to the next loss I shall roll

  12. All three would be great alone, put them together and great becomes greatastic

  13. Carrie says:


  14. Way to go Patrick! I’ve been making bad choices as of late and need to turn things around soon. Tomorrow sounds soon enough. Here’s to another great week for you!

  15. Today is when soon starts, deep breath and start with your very next choice

  16. DB says:

    Chicken looks great!!!!

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