Gym Reunion Reality

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Got up and hit the YMCA for the first time in months. All of my exercise the past few weeks has been cardio walking in neighborhood, like yesterday’s 5k walk which took me a slow 71 minutes.

Back to the Y, wow; what a reality check. I lost so much strength F’ing-Off the past year’ish. Very frustrating, well it was for 2.758 minutes, then I wadded that up and put it my motivation tank and got busy.

Went through the plan I had been using in 2010, felt good to go through the routine. Its a great thing when exercise feels good.

After my arms & shoulders were spent, I hopped on a stair-climber for a bit while I waited for my wife to finish her swim. My heart was in cardiac-WTF zone within 3-minutes, another reality check!

My awakening continues…

  1. jo says:

    And all this tells you to not take time out of your journey to health. It’s not worth it, Patrick, as we both know.

  2. Indeed we shall not take time from our journey; to do so is to give away valuable days of our lives.

  3. I have to say I’ve found the same thing happening to me! I haven’t had the same strength or flexibility since I had that bad hand injury. Well at least we’re climbing back up the ladder 🙂

  4. It is tough getting back into it but don’t let it deter you! So worth your health long term… CONSISTENCY & PATIENCE! 🙂

  5. Not letting go of the ladder this time

  6. Consistency is the key to success in so many things in life

  7. MizFit says:

    what jody said and you echoed.

  8. Smiling consistently 🙂

  9. Amanda says:

    My reunion with the gym was pretty pitiful but I found that I was able to get back to it more easily this time. I hope this is the case with you as well. Good luck!

  10. I will be going back. A mission to regain lost strength is a foot…

  11. DB says:

    For me, there is a difference between a light workout (a walk) and a hard one where you push yourself (gym/run). I always get that endorphine rush on the later, and it makes me feel good, and less hungry, for 24 hrs. It also makes me feel more in control, which helps with choices.

  12. Interesting how exercise or hard work has a curbing affect on appetite

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