Back To Squishy Skool

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Thursday was a planned day off work for us, we started it making sure everything was packed in the truck for the trip. And was it ever packed, no room left for anything else; not even a stick of gum.

There was room for Ashley, aka Squishy; good thing too as all that stuff is hers. Our destination was college to drop her off for her sophomore year. Why she needs a large SUV full of stuff in her two-girl dorm room is beyond me; must be a girl thing 🙂

Our drive was wet, I mean very wet. We haven’t see rain this hard and for so many hours since early spring if even then.

To help guide us through all the wet weather we recruited Squishy’s duck, Juan. Rumor is he is in negotiations with Bravo TV for his own reality show.

Once at school we unloaded and unpacked. Squishy & her Mom did most of the work, I was there to drive and carry the refrigerator up the stairs.

I brought Squishy an Eeyore to keep her company. Looks like he will be controlling the tv remote.

A quick lunch before saying goodbye. We went to Culver’s, I had the cod with green beans & cole slaw.


Eventually we had to say goodbye, she was more ready to say goodbye than we were.

On the drive home, my nine-year old Ford Expedition hit 170,000 miles; longest I’ve ever owned a single vehicle and highest mileage I’ve spun an odometer up to. Hoping for six more years and another 80,000 miles from it.

Just before we got home we stopped at a local favorite, Hackney’s, for dinner. Thursday’s the corned beef & cabbage is the special, and especially tasty it was. Those fries, not mine, came with my wife’s burger.

So Squishy is back at college, two of our boys returned to high school yesterday, and our other boy has until Monday to play before his days will be spent at the nearby community college.

Fun day, busy and proud too.

  1. Tish says:

    I well remember the bitter sweet days of taking our kids to college. Thanks for the pix! I’m certain Eeyore will take good care of her and the remote. Good food choices on your trip– kudos!

  2. You should be proud!!!! 🙂

  3. Feeling the pride, liking the feeling!

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