Diet Questions Unanswered

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Mission

Crush joined us last night to watch the USA v Mexico soccer game. He is the smallest of our cats but the biggest dreamer of the bunch. No doubt he believes he could’ve made that shot.

What I cannot believe is I’ve received some questions recently asking for some weight loss advice. I’ve refused to answer them in any specific detail as I’m am no pro at this and refuse to be liable for bad advice. As well, I believe weight loss is largely about attitude and less about process. Ask me how to amp up attitude, I have thoughts; ask me how or why weight loss does/doesn’t occur and I have generalities galore.

Thought I’d share a trio of these questions which are odd at best. Even if I were game to share serious advice, I have no idea how I’d take these questions seriously…

1-When asleep, do you burn more calories while dreaming?
May as well have asked me if a tree falling in a forest on Mars makes a sound. My guess at an answer to this is, no.

2-Can eating hot & spicy food help my exercise output?
Well, I love hot and spicy! So if this is true, and I hope it is; my diet changes immediately.

3-I’m afraid if I lose weight my boobs will go saggy, any secrets to prevent boob sag?
Obviously, I’ve been punked. Still I imagine variations of this question cross the minds of a girl or two or three. If you are one, I introduce you to Kelly, she is better equipped to support your ta-ta advice needs.

Enjoy a chuckle from these questions, answer them if you dare; and definitely go check out Kelly’s blog if you aren’t yet a Kelly fan.

  1. But at least the calories I sometimes consume in my dreams don’t count!

  2. Good point, we can go on eating binges in our dreams all we want

  3. RAWR!!! Every woman’s “ladies” are shaped differently, and will shrink – or not – according to body type.
    No tatas were harmed in the posting of this comment. 😉

  4. Tish says:

    I think you shd redirect the questions to Crush. LOL

  5. Most ladies boobs will shrink cause they are all fat… sagging may or may not happen but if you are older – YES, they will sage & they were sagging already just now you will have smaller boob sag! 😉

    You are too funny!

  6. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the giggle!

  7. Whew, keep the ta-tas safe

  8. Crush is a know-it-all, so he’d answer them 🙂

  9. Sag, just not a fun word

  10. Giggling is soon to be an Olympic sport I hear

  11. DB says:

    Actually, I may have an answer to the last one. Having watched too many shows of the biggest loser and seeing the skin sag I did some ‘research’ on how to prevent it. Apparently, you need to a)make sure you are drinking lots of fluids and b)make sure you are getting lots of vitamins and minerals. Both increase skin elasticity and prevent sag and I assume this is true for boobs too.

  12. DB says:

    And yes I’m back one last try……

  13. Great to see you Dan! I’ll stop by your blog Friday when I’m at a computer. Fluids & vitamins help with sag, good tip!

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