Weigh-In Woot

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Mission

Quick picture of me on my walk Sunday! That was a great walk; perfect weather, perfect attitude, perfect start to a day.

My weigh-in for this week …
Results: Lost 1.6 pounds
Scale read 293.4 this morning.

Challenges were plenty this past week. Losing in the face of food challenges, it feels so good!

We want shipping yesterday, our pantry really was bare and needed allot of stocking. While at Costco I really really really really wanted these lemony-tempting-buggers

Instead, we really did buy healthier fare, such as ingredients that made this for dinner: seasoned halibut w/ sautéed onions, and 4-bean salad… It was scrumptious!

In Target we saw this guy buy 20 cases of Diet Mt Dew not once…

But twice, um; maybe he just shops once a year?

Now this made me laugh, a Spa Lid Cover… Not sure about you but I have never used my toilet as a spa; never!

These products and I glared at each other for several long seconds. I don’t think they were happy when I told them my plan is to never have reason to buy, own & use them regularly.

I hate shopping, I tried to make it a tad fun… I love getting healthy, I must not forget that and love it for a lifetime.

Are you loving getting healthy today?

  1. Tish says:

    Great job on the WI AND on the shopping. I was at Costco yesterday, too. I consider it a good trip to Costco if I can avoid the samples–did pretty well yesterday.

  2. Oh those samples are a killer. On weekends could literally walk around and enjoy a full meal. The sample stations are not our friends.

  3. Those samples at Costco add up!! I bet most people don’t even think about it & how many calories they consume & then wonder why they gained weight or are not losing cause “they ate just fine yesterday” 😉 GREAT job Patrick. The rest of your shopping – cracked me up!

  4. Krissy says:

    That is a lot of mountain dew! Love it!

  5. Thanks!… Shopping can be entertaining at times

  6. Allot if caffeine too, dude won’t sleep until valentines day

  7. dawn says:

    That bean salad looks kind of like one I make, yummy with that fish. Way to go on passing up the lemon bites. Terrific job on the weight loss this week too 🙂 and getting in your exercise. Sounds like a successful weekend all the way around 🙂 Plus you got to hang out with old friends which is always great. It is about the happiness and we can definitely find that without the extra food.

  8. Absolutely; lots of fun there to be had that is not centered on food being what makes fun happen.

  9. MizFit says:

    (WHISPERS) I love love love mountain dew 🙂

  10. Hmmm, do this may have been your brother doing your grocery shopping?

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