Weigh-In Goes Good

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Mission

We had a blast in Colorado, absolute BLAST!

Tuesday is here, our string of being away four weekends out of the last five is now complete.

Back To Work, very busy there; but I’m never one to deliver anything less than solid results there.

Back To Working on my Augusts Goals. Here I must begin to deliver just as I do at work.

My weigh-in for this week is on a Tuesday versus my preferred Monday…
Results: Lost 4.2 pounds!
Scale read 295.0 this morning.

The results are in, and I feel uber-satisfied with putting together a string of losses on the scale during all of this time away.

Long way to go for my milestone goal of weighing no more than 289.9 at Augusts end; and long long way to go for attaining my ultimate goal of weighing no more than 199.

Therefore, my focus is not on the actual days they will be achieved. Rather it is on today, specifically today’s role in attaining them!

Today, I will eat high quality & proper quantity.

Today, I will get in some exercise .

Today, I will visit your blogs and see how things are going in your world.

Viva La Tuesday!!

  1. Keep up the good work! We love Colorado and have said it is one place we could move to some day. If the housing wasn’t so darn expensive! My teen, the snowboarder, would be quite happy to see us relocate there.

  2. Enz says:

    Great work! And I love your attitude that it’s today that counts!

  3. Good work is the aim here, I need to do all I can to keep it on target.

    We definitely want to spend more time in CO. If our son chooses to go to college in Golden, then we’ll get to for certain.

  4. Today is at our finger tips, we gotta grab today!

  5. You go Patrick!!! Yes, concentrate on today – you done good!!!! I am opposite you – great with health/fitness & not so much outside that realm! 😉

  6. Roy Cohen says:

    Win the day Patrick. The advice I give all my weight-loss clients, WIN THE DAY. If you ever need any extra help, motivation, or advice, you know how to contact me privately. I wish you much success this day!

  7. Dr. J says:

    I once read an article about how at high altitudes it is almost impossible not to lose weight! The body’s metabolism is increased. This occurs with mountain climbers.

  8. biz319 says:

    Great weigh in!! Great job!

  9. Katie J says:

    Way to rock the weigh in Patrick. Glad you enjoyed Colorado. If I did not live in CA I would live there.

  10. What a great weigh in!! Your vacation looked fantastic. One of these days I’ll have to head down to Colorado and check it out! I love your outlook on focusing on today, it really helps keep focus. I need to do more of that myself.

  11. Funny how we (humans) get passionate about an aspect or two of our lives and not everything in our lives

  12. Thanks Roy for the support!
    I envision, which means I desire, to get the weight down to a point where I’m going want to shift the strategy from primary fat loss to include gaining strength; I’ve got no sense today when that would be or how to best go about it.

  13. Well that should have something to do with my nice loss; I’ll take it! I need to spend more time in the mountains 🙂

  14. Today, my hope is this gets easier if I just need to focus on today; one day at a time while knowing each day if so valuable we have no desire to throw it away on bad choices

  15. I just knew you were going to have a fantastic week!! Go Go Patrick 🙂

  16. Thanks! CO certainly would be a fine/fun place to call home

  17. Carrie says:

    You did great!!! I love that you were able to enjoy a few treats here and there on your trip and still kill it on your weigh in. Way to go!!

  18. A great vacation and a great weight loss. Way to go, Patrick!

  19. MizFit says:


  20. Thanks, desire trumps temptation when you want it to

  21. Had fun, feeling good!

  22. Confetti is a cake flavor I believe, or so I heard; Thanks

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