Monday Munch

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Mission

We arose early to pack, eat & check out so we could make it to the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway station on time to catch the first train to the summit.

BREAKFAST: Blueberry yogurt (4oz), watermelon, 1/2 a pear. Chose to eat light as I had no idea what the day had in store.

SNACK: A snack was in order during our 1-hour visit at the summit of Pike’s Peak. At just over 14,100 feet up we were all feeling dizzy, my wife in a big way; I think she learned she is susceptible to altitude sickness. As Pike’s Peak is supposedly known for their high-altitude donuts, I bought some of these small donuts for the family.

A bit if a fail here. I only intended to eat one, but the first was very tasty. So I eyed a second, and when nobody was eating more than one I had a second. And when one still remained when it was time to board the train back to Manitou, I ate a third one. Yep, three of them we’re allowed in me!


LUNCH: We met my wife’s Great-Aunt for lunch and to drop off my niece with her as she is starting out here for another week. This grilled-chicken salad was my choice at Gunther Toody’s, a 50’s style diner. It came with a blueberry muffin, but I pawned that off on a kid. Had to make a solid rebound in choice after the donut trio.

DINNER: We had a lengthy wait at Denver International and we knew there would be no stopping for food once we land in Milwaukee and make the late-evening drive home. Another salad was not desired. I wanted something hot, so I chose a single slice of thin-crust cheese pizza. I can’t remember the last time I ate just one slice of pizza.

SNACK: I looked at the candy selection for a while, probably 20 seconds easy. That’s a long time to ponder and not indulge. But I refrained! On the flight I’ll have a pouch of energy/trail mix which I bought back in Milwaukee. I may or may not snack on some of that, time will tell.

Yep, we’re boarding now for our flight, so I gotta go 🙂

  1. Safe flight! IT is all about choices – right Patrick! 🙂

  2. Choices are ours to control!

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