Sunny Day In&Output

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Mission

OUTPUT: Started my day with a 373 calorie-deficit thanks to the hotel elliptical.

INPUT: My wife didn’t want to eat the hotel provided breakfast food for a third day running so we walked 1/2 mile (more output) to Bruegger’s. There I had this egg, spinach, cheese, on onion bagel delight and a can of Bing black cherry sparkling beverage (40 cal/can).


OUTPUT: We killed the late morning hours with a walk through Denver’s downtown 16th Street Mall, about a mile’ish leisurely walk. Saw these street performers along the way.

INPUT: High-Noon found us downtown to enjoy the Big Denver BBQ Block Party. And boy did we enjoy. Now I did not eat all of the food you see below. Our party of four bought & ate all of that (each from a different vendor), I had 1 or 2 bites of each of what you see below

Pork Shoulder Sandwich

St. Louis Style Pig Ribs

Salt n Pepper Beef Ribs

Pork Shoulder n Slaw Sandwich

Cheddar Biscuits & Banana Pudding (not sure what this has to do with BBQ)

Baby Back Pork Ribs

Beef Brisket & Pork Hot Link

Another vendors St. Louis Style Pig Ribs


OUTPUT: We were full n happy after our trip through the BBQ feast, we didn’t feel like eating for hours. After picking up Ryan from soccer camp we went to the Garden of the Gods and hiked up & down a few trails in this amazing park.

INPUT: Late afternoon while there I picked up a package of Elk Jerkey for all to enjoy, I had just that one small piece you see there.


INPUT: Mid-evening we made it to the hotel and dined at the hotel restaurant. I wasn’t terrible hungry, probably because I was tired. I opted for just a beer to was down a Mozzarella & Tomato Salad.

Great day, loads of fun & good food in a great state!

Hope your weekend was just as great!

  1. KC says:

    Did you see the Siamese Twins formation? If you stand at the right angle and look towards Pikes Peak, one of them looks like Kermit the Frog 🙂 Haha. Favorite formation in the park.

  2. Yes, we did see the twins, but didn’t see the frog 🙂

    We’ll be at Pikes Peak in the morning.

  3. KC says:

    You going up?

  4. MizFit says:

    youre having fun and balancing it all out with healthy living too.
    Im STAYcationing this week.
    I shall strive to do the same 🙂

  5. […] Sunny Day In&Output […]

  6. Yes indeed, leave to catch the cog choo_choo in about 39 minutes, looks like a nice clear morning here

  7. Amanda says:

    All looks delicous! And btw, there’s nothing more “bbq” than banana puddin’ for dessert. 🙂

  8. The banana pudding was very good

  9. You were so right. After viewing the photos, my mouth was watering just thinking of the all those ribs. I love me some bbq.

  10. Looks like you’re having fun! Caprese salad (mozzarella and tomato) is my favorite!

  11. Yes, a mighty tasty choice indeed

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