Rocky Mountains Rock

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Saturday was s blast for us in Colorado. Before we could play we had some work to do. We brought our niece Alicia with us so she (above right) could meet with the shooting team coach at Colorado State U. She shoots for her high school team back in Wisconsin and wants to shoot competitively in college. Gorgeous campus and the Fort Collins area was equally gorgeous.

We were done in Ft. Collins much sooner than we expected so we drove through the winding mountain roads to the resort area of Estes Park. Place was packed, I mean pAcKEd! So we just gassed up, grabbed some snacks (spoke about my eats in yesterday’s posts) and headed off to the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park.

Good luck seeing them in this iPhone photo, but there are a dozen rams roaming the mountain side there. The Park Rangers who works here, wow; what an amazing place to work.

Andrew came with us to get in a mini getaway before his college opens its doors for the fall semester; he was in awe at every lookout we stopped at. How do you like his t-shirt?

Cathy & I tried to find a quiet place to enjoy the view, we were busted!

Snow! Still snow in areas above the tree lines of the highest peaks.

Elk! There are a pair in this picture. We saw dozens of elk on our journey, beautiful creatures.

We have two more days to play here in Colorado. We’ll do our best to cram in as much wonder as we can.

Sunday, grab it an make it great!

  1. Absolutely amazing pics!!!! LOVE the one of you & Cathy! 🙂

  2. It was fun making that pic too 🙂

  3. Roy Cohen says:

    It’s really done my heart good to see you enjoy such a wonderful place. Sorry I forgot to warn you about Estes Park — place is worse than the beach on a summer afternoon. Too much traffic. Hope you hit the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder too. Might be a bit liberal for your tatse, but the vibe is great and there is no shortage of great eateries!

  4. Wow, Patrick, great photos. Isn’t Rocky Mountain National Park amazing? Glad you had a great time. I think you’ll like having it as a place to visit if your daughter ends up there.

  5. Our stop in Boulder was just that, a stop just for pizza on our way back from the Estes area to Denver. This area of CO from Ft. Collins down to Colorado Springs is a real gem!

  6. Geographically I am definitely hoping we have a kid who chooses a school out here, we’ll know closer to the end of the year.

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