Our Mile-High Friday

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Miscellaneous

We started our day at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge. A great place to come a walk a zillion miles of trails and look for the 330 species of wildlife that roam there. All we saw were dozens of ground hogs and one deer. However my family wasn’t interested in a walk-about in the 90+ heat, and we weren’t sure what we’d find there when we saw it in a travel guide. Definitely will return here should my son choose to go to college here.

We wanted to go on a tour of the Denver Mint but it was closed. So we went to the visitor center at the Federal Reserve. They were nice enough to place the $30Million they owe me in a glass case for me to see. Odd they wouldn’t let me take a few-grand with me; rude.

Colorado School of Mines is where we dropped if my son for his soccer camp. Up on a nearby mountain side they have a huge rock pile in the shape of an “M”. Each year the freshman athletes are to bring a 10-pound rock from home. At year start they get together, paint them white, and hike with them a few miles across campus and up the mountain to deposit them there. Whew, I started to sweat just writing this.

We went on a tour of the Miller-Coors brewery, spoke about that a bit in yesterday’s evening post.

And we capped off our day at Coors Field for a baseball game, also spoke a bit about that in yesterday’s evening post.

I posted three times yesterday, the greater frequency was in effort to help keep me honest on my eating. Let’s try that again.

Just finished breakfast, I had blueberry yogurt (4oz) and a handful of blueberries mixed in for extra blueberry goodness! Grabbed an apple for the road too.

We’re off to Ft. Collins now; enjoy your Saturday!

  1. Great pics Patrick!!! Hey, if the extra posts help you, than go for it! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. The extra post is helping, anything that helps I’m willing to try.

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