Dinner was…

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Miscellaneous

This was actually an afternoon snack while on the tour at Coors; 1-beer (Colorado Native), and 1/4 of a package of Beer Nuts (a nostalgic grab back to my youth).


We went to the Colorado Rockies game tonight. Ball Park food is a killer. And my choices were not good; Chocolate Covered Bacon (3), and Churros (2). Usually I would have had that and a polish sausage, a slice of pizza, and a hot pretzel. So better than my usual, but not quality eats I know.

That, and what you saw in my previous two posts today made up my food intake this day. For a vacation feeding, good day for me.

We had loads of fun too and got lots of walking in along the way; so I’m happy with my Friday.

How was yours?

  1. Roy Cohen says:

    Enjoy my home state. Lived there most of my life until 1999. If you get a chance, Beua Jo’s Pizza is a must — unique in all the world and exclusive to Colorado!

  2. Thanks! We will be in Ft Collins tomorrow & I see there is one there; we very well may hit it for lunch. Read their menu, hilarious re: weights n rates.

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