Photo Reality Check

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Mission

Yesterday at the office we took a few minutes during a staff meeting to recognize someone who is getting married this weekend. While the couple was up front opening their gifts, we got them hardwood floor cleaning stuff; remind me to reprimand the group who passed the hat and used our cash for cleaning products… anyway, while that was going on someone took a mess of photos.

The lovely shot above is yours truly, I cropped it out of a larger photo.

When I saw this, I just stared at it for several long seconds. My word, I really did relapse worse than I thought. My gut it trying to find its own chair… I sit with no respect to posture… My chin saw the picture coming and hid beneath my shirt collar…I’ve cut back a bit on diet soda but I haven’t cut back enough… ugh!

This definitely proves that a picture is worth a thousand words; worry not this post will not be that long.

Even though I felt ‘ugh’ about this photo, I am glad it was taken. This photo will be great to look back at in 6 months, 12, 24, and feature in a before and after review. Looking forward to that.

Have a great before picture on hand that is waiting for that day (or perhaps that day has passed) when you can proudly display it next to your after/progress picture?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel your pain. Let’s get it together, man!

  2. Sometimes it is hard to see these pics but what I love Patrick is that you use it for motivation to keep working toward your healthy life! Some would say – oh, I am just giving up – but you are using it to propel you forward – the right thing! 🙂

  3. Got the ship pointed in right direction, need to get wind in my sails now

  4. Thanks, looking to do the right thing more and more

  5. Amanda says:

    I wish I had more “before” pictures to remind myself how far I’ve come. I’m glad you can already appreciate how motivating it is. Good luck with creating a new image!

  6. maryfran says:

    Sometimes we have to see the worst before we can be really ready to work at our goals! Only one way to go now!

  7. Yes, a new image is eminent

  8. One way, the healthy way

  9. Roy Cohen says:

    With me it wasn’t a photo. I saw a fat guy in a mall that looked just like me. Yes, it was my reflection. I wish could have taken a picture of that reflection but it was pre-camera phone.

    You’re a good dad, husband, and member of your community — these things matter much more. Still, I look forward to seeing the photos a few months down the road! Charge on!

  10. dawn says:

    I’m with Roy your weight doesn’t make you who you are 🙂 You know what to do so it’s just about getting er done 🙂 Pictures do tell the tale though I can definitely see the 10 lbs I’ve put on the past several months. I think it’s about just not being in denial and doing the things we need to consistently. Onward and downward as an old friend of ours use to say 🙂

  11. Reflections can be just as powerful I see. Thanks for the kind words, indeed I’ll get progress pics in motion here

  12. Bumper sticker material: Onward and downward!

  13. Carrie says:

    I’ve been meaning to get back here and comment ever since I saw this post. You have such a great attitude and I’m especially inspired by you not beating yourself up about past decisions. It’s time to move forward and you’re doing just that. One step at a time.

  14. One decision at a time it is, Thanks

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