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Dare To Control

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Mission

I crave certain food, much of it low-quality food. Foods like an Italian beef sandwich dipped and topped, like Chicago style deep dish meat laden pizza, like everything at KFC. When I feed my cravings, my cravings grow in frequency and volume. When I answer my cravings call with high-quality food, my cravings grow distant and meek.

My cravings are fueled by my trigger foods. These foods, I know them well, and it’s a blessing that I do. For I know what food to shove aside. The more often I shove them aside, the less I want them.

And dare I dream that in time my cravings will assimilate to my stubborn determination and begin to call on me to eat high-quality food?

I believe I can dare to be in control!

What are your trigger foods?


Clearly Blurry

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Mission

The planet is not rotating on its axis any faster than the day I was born, yet the days spin by faster than ever.

When I have a bad day, a day of selfish eating and absent exercise; the day spins by just as fast.

When I have a good day, a day of sound eating and excellent exercise; the day spins by just as fast.

The difference between the two?

On selfish/absent days I feel like I have no control on my goals & I’m holding on for dear life just to get to days end.

On sound/excellent days I feel like I own the day and my goals are mine to direct.

So while life moves at a blur, I do not need to live in a blur. Make sound decisions, perform with excellence, and I’ll see clearly through the blur.

Super Foods Or Super Me

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Always curious and always learning I did some research on super foods. I was looking for a list of such foods, figuring that wouldn’t be hard as its a common topic amongst nutrition minded writers. Silly me…

I found dozens of lists. Some with 5 items, some with 100+. Some ranked, some alphabetical, some sorted by food color. Some had close similarities, some had items I believe are only indigenous on Mars.

Confused, that is the one word conclusion I have that summarizes my research. Uncertain, as to whether there really is such a thing as a super food. Sure, that I can shake off this disappointing attempt at knowledge and make healthy choices sans the list I desired.

Even though I’m not armed with such a list I have confidence in, I’m confident that my success is not dependent on a list, or a book, or a system I don’t already possess.

My success is dependent upon me embracing a purpose that is superior than my prior purpose of obesity. My success is dependent upon my taking action to make superior choices than my prior acts of obesity.

I am superior than my obesity; I Am Super!

Color Yesterday Victorious

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Chugged a good amount of water yesterday…

Ate well, carbs & calories in check…

Exercised after dinner on the basketball court with my son. He kept draining these long-range missiles but I kept a constant stream of short-range lasers on target to edge out the win.

Color yesterday victorious!

Weigh-In Whapp

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Mission

Good Morning one and all! Well not the guy that cut in front of me and four others in line this morning, you sir need an adult time-out (kick in the groin).

My weigh-in for this week …
Results: Lost 0 pounds
Scale read 291.6 this morning.

Not happy. I am not pissed-off, but I am not happy.

Mostly because I am not certain why the scale stayed in place last week. I ate good on all days but one; last Friday met the fellas for a few beers and we dined on KFC. Not good, but considering my other days of good eating and getting in exercise; I’m scratching my head over this WI this morning.

Best I can gather, my water consumption was the least consistent part of my past week. I find it hard to believe only getting in 50-60 ounces of h2o daily versus the desired 100-120 is the real reason here, but that’s the only obvious stumble I can recall other than Friday with the fellas.

Likely a combo of both, ho-hum.

The good news, I’m going to have a better week this week!


Singing A 5K

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

Sunday sounds like the ideal day of the week to rest to me. To Nacho, Sunday is the ideal day for cardio; and he made that very clear to me.

Singing Hills is a local forest preserve which I enjoyed allot when I had my mojo on full-tilt in 2010. Seemed like a great place to return to in my quest to get that mojo back.

A nice morning was with me but rumor was it wouldn’t be hanging around for long, rain was on the forecast. What I like about Singing Hills is the trail crosses a county road exactly 1.5 miles out, and another .1 miles beyond that the trail bends hard; the perfect spot to turn around for a gorgeous 5k trek.

A 5k is exactly what I set out to walk. I made a silly mistake however. I didn’t put much effort into stretching before setting off and I took off at a very quick pace. The result of that oversight were painful lower legs trying to catch up with what my mind wanted to do.

Reality learned… muscles, tendons, joints and all that important stuff that allows us to put one foot in front if the other; that stuff does not ‘catch up’ as the trail goes by.

Hence, I had a painful and less than enjoyable 5k walk. Oh I completed it and did so in 69:59 minutes which was a bit more than a minute better than last weeks attempt. So I’m all smiles for the better time, but not thrilled I had a lessor quality walk than I should have.

The obvious conclusion is that I need to learn the proper way to stretch before a walk or jog, and, then do what I learn. If you have stretching-how-to info to share, don’t be shy.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Stairmaster Hallucinations

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Exercise, Mission

YMCA is where I went today.

A great workout with free weights on pull exercises. I have terrible form on one arm bent over rows, something I need to get better at, seriously I suck at this exercise.

After lighting up my arms, shoulders and back I went into the hot room to get some more sweat going. Last week I got on the stair master and lasted only a handful of minutes until I saw stars, angels and purple elephants before my eyes.

I returned to the stairmaster today to see if I had more for it today than last week. Turns out I had twice as much today than last week, which means I lasted 10 minutes on this beast of a machine before the purple elephants returned with an orange crocodile and I had to get off.

In summary, I had a very good workout today.

How about you, did you sweat enough today to see colorful animals that are not really there?