Scale Down, Nacho Challenges

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Mission

Glad to report that I lost 2.2 pounds last week; On Monday morning my scale read 299.2

Nacho expected better and sat me down for a face-to-face. Actually I expected more too, and likely would have seen a better number if it weren’t for my eating out four days this past week. Even though I made better choices while eating out, eating out is just dangerous. With so many hidden calories in restaurant food, even better choices can kick weight loss in the shins.

Nacho told me to inch the bar higher this week and make more better choices, and better quality choices. Not wanting to take this gruff from a cat, I rolled my eyes and grunted. That, was not an example of a good choice. Nacho “reminded” me his claws are sharper than mine, and reflexes quicker.

Ok, we’ll let Nacho have a chance and play Trainer for a week. Who knows, this may be his big break; casual advice today, his own C25K DVD & Adidas shoe contract tomorrow?

Whose giving you your advice this week?

  1. Pic cracked me up! I think the cat knows best! 🙂 I rarely eat out – I just never find what I want & I am such a Sally in When Harry met Sally! 🙂 Good job on weight loss – every step counts!

  2. Amanda says:

    My kind of cat! While you may have expected better, a loss is a loss and take it any way you can get it. Better quality this week and another loss next week! Keep it up!

  3. Tish says:

    We eat out a LOT less than we used too. Even if my food choices are spot on, portion size and extra salt tend to zap any tendency toward weight loss. My WI is on Wednesday. I only eat out on Wed, Thu, or Fridays.

    Congratus on the weight loss. I’d love to see 2.2 gone!

  4. That’s not the scene I remember from they movie

  5. I am taking it and smiling, looking forward to larger smiles too

  6. Yeah, restaurants and office cafeteria foods are certainly landlines waiting to be tripped over.

  7. Never cross nacho!! (I think he has connections)

  8. Don’t want the car mafia after me

  9. Maryfran says:

    Nacho has got to be the worlds best kitty (shhhhh I’m typing this in secret so I don’t get attacked by one of my kitties that think that they are the worlds best!)

    Eating out is a pitfall. It’s so easy to slip into bad habits and not pay attention…..and you have no control over the food….well, little control.

    I personally think your weight loss was good. A nice healthy loss for a week!

  10. Thanks, Nacho insists he is cooler than all other cats

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