Examples Are So Close

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Mission

Hope all had a great weekend. A new week is here, and it is chocked full of opportunities to better ourselves.

July is slipping away and August coming at us fast. Even though school doesn’t start for another three weeks for the kids, for ours; it never really stops.

Ashley, pictured above, is getting ready for a new soccer season. All summer she has trained everyday and is looking forward to tryouts when she goes back to college in a few weeks. This season she will face her toughest challenge to making the team.

Last November she underwent knee surgery to repair a torn ACL and this past May she had a second surgery to remove scar tissue which was hindering her regaining full extension. We’re proud of her for many reasons. Certainly seeing how she has refused to quit and let her injury determine who she is has shown us her maturity and commitment to herself.

I can look to all of our kids for examples of perseverance and commitment.

We look so far at times for inspiration and examples of winning. We spend big bucks on seminars or programs or books. We surf far and wide on the web to sift through commercial sites and personal blogs.  Many of these do deliver on what we seek and should be part of our source of knowledge and  motivation.

The sources for encouragement, for the reinforcement we need,  are so close.

We just need to look to our kids, spouses, family, friends and colleagues and see them as examples of how to desire success and achieve it.

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    I’m really proud of my oldest daughter. We though we was the flunky one, but it turns out everything she says she’s gonna accomplish ends up getting achieved. How I wish she would declare to accomplish a clean room. Not a bat’s chance in hell that’s ever gonna happen.

  2. Roy Cohen says:

    For years I thought I was here to tech my daughter. I have come to realized she is now the best teacher of life that I have ever had. True


  4. Encouragement is everywhere – we just need to open up our ears and listen.

    Good luck to your daughter.

  5. They never adopt a desire to clean their rooms, at least mine have not and they are all 16 years old or older now.

  6. Likewise, never thought I’d see my kids as teachers. Makes me wonder what I may have taught my parents back in my youth; how to avoid getting caught comes to mind.

  7. Listening… we do take it for granted at times.

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