Saturday, We’re Home?

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Home, we are home this weekend! After three consecutive weekends away, being home for a weekend is worth shouting about!

One order of business today, my incredibly gorgeous wife & I go to the eye doc for our annual visit today. Above you see one of our sons who enjoyed that experience yesterday. Since our eye doc for the past decade does her business out of the Target Optical store, we’ll get to go grocery shopping afterwards; whoohoo!

Tomorrow we might run up to Milwaukee to enjoy their annual Irish Festival. A good time awaits us if we do. Since we’re off to Colorado for a long weekend next week, we’re trying to chill as much as we can this weekend, so no guarantees Milwaukee’s Irish eyes will see us.

By chill I mean keep the stress of what we choose to do to a minimum. Soon we’ll be off to get in some exercise which always helps keep stress at bay and aids in relaxation the rest of the day (ha, that rhymes).

Before I go, if you watched the Olympics opening ceremony yesterday, what did you think if it?

Myself I thought it was weak overall. Sure, overall a grand performance and well executed by the participants. Slow, didn’t have me going ‘wow’ at any point really, guess that’s it; not enough wow factor. Glad its over and the games have begun; Go USA!!

Enjoy your Weekend!

  1. Olympics: I’m glad there were announcers to explain everything. Yes, nothing left me saying ‘wow’. But, I do love the Olympics so I watched and shushed everyone so I could hear.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. My husband and I both went this week too:)

  3. I fret as I know she will suggest bi focals again, tried progressive lenses 2 years ago and returned them after a week

  4. Have a great weekend – I will be with family later & tomorrow before they leave Monday. 😉

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