F is For?

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Mission

This is not sesame street, not that there is anything wrong with sesame street; although I was partial to electric company as a kid.

Today being Friday, I got to pondering the letter F.

F is a cool word if for no other reason than FRIDAY starts with that letter. But, there are more reasons that come to my wandering mind, here are some…

F is for FOOD…. something I need to learn to control, not let have control of me.

F is for FINANCES…. something I’d have more of if each of you donated $FIVE to my paypal account.

F is for FIRE…. something I need more of in my belly to get my train (body/mind) really running on the tracks to good  health.

F is for FINLAND…. somewhere I have never been to but hear is very cool, and cold, and dark; so not sure I wanna go now.

F is for FIVE-K…. something I am going to do before Valentines Day (seemed like a lovely target date).

F is for FRITO’S…. something that I cannot eat out of the bag, but toss chili in the bag & I will dive in after it.

F is for….

Your Turn…. Silly of Serious, what does F have in store for you today?

  1. Auntie Awesome (fka Lanie Painie) says:

    F is for FEELINGS that need to be dealt with instead of squashed down with FOOD for FEAR of not being able to handle them.

    F is for FRIENDS with which I surround myself

    F is for FIGHTING for a life that I want

  2. YOU ARE GREAT! F is for FEELING FIT, FRIENDS (saw today), FAMILY (in town), FEELING FINE! 🙂

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