Think! Dependability

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Mission

It’s Thursday, so lets THINK today before the weekend gets here and grabs our attention…


For me, Dependability is a trait I must embrace. My success is dependent upon my ability to perform my duty as required.

My duty here, to lose weight… to get healthier than I have been in 25+ years… to increase my odds of living long after the Cubs win their next World Series.

If I depend on somebody else to do my duty, none of that happens; I fail even before I get started.

Sure, I can enlist the help of others to provide assistance in performing my duty; and I do. You for example, I’ve enlisted your help by putting this blog out their and leaving it open for you to share your thoughts, tips, tricks, and so on. You can encourage me, please do. I can hire a trainer to educate me, perhaps I should. Anyone can plant ideas in my brain, I have room for lots and lots of ideas.

However, with each decision and action I am called upon to make in performing my duty, it is me, and only me, who can actually make each decision, perform each action.

I succeed only if I depend upon myself.

What does Dependability mean to you and/or how does it relate to your personal mission to get/stay healthy?

  1. Ann says:

    Dependability means me depending on myself and not others. No one to blame but me. I totally agree and a great reminder!

  2. The buck stops here

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