Cleveland Rocks

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Miscellaneous

First, another moment of reflection in support of the victims and all impacted in the tragedy in Aurora CO. Horrifying, Disgusting, Depressing.

We took numerous breaks in our day to follow the news, send wishes up for healing, and try to understand what can’t be understood.

My wife & I did manage to get out and had a great Friday in Cleveland. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was our morning treat. We only spent 3 hours there, but could’ve spent 6 or more; place is huge and so much to see & do. If you even remotely like music, put this place on your bucket list!

I must say I am amazed KISS has not been inducted, yet, the Beastie Boys have been. Just doesn’t seem right!

The car in the picture above, does anyone recognize it? I sure do, wore out the cassette tape I had from the band which made that ride famous.

Ryan joined us for that fun. But then it was playtime over for him, on to the university for his two-day soccer camp.

After Ryan was gone, Cathy & I went on a tour of various malls she wanted to hit, which of course means she came away with stuff for us to haul home.

We dined at Iron Chef Michael Symon’s beer & burger place called B Spot. The picture there is a beer can mosaic which brought back memories for me. As a teen I collected beer cans and many cans on that wall were in my collection which exists no more. Very delicious, worth the slight detour to get there, and I’ve been to the hotel gym this morning to work off that indulgence.

I hope those that participated in my “What Would You Prefer” post yesterday had fun. Your answers were great! Myself, I’d eat the styrofoam cup 🙂

I wish all here a great weekend and blessings for all in Aurora CO.

  1. Happy one to you! On the run but had to say HI! Yes, hearts out to Aurora!!!!

  2. ewa says:

    Too many thoughts about what happened in Aurora, too little time to express them.

    I’ll be away till almost end of August. Wishing you good journeys. Stay motivated and happy, Patrick.

  3. Safe journeys to you!

  4. Wow, such a distaste for mustard that you’d go with the styrofoam?

    Love the restaurant. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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