1st Bad, 2nd Good, 3rd Better

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Mission

First, the most dangerous food choice out there is in my hand there. You see 4-quarters; I see something dreadfully unhealthy from a vending machine. Pocket change is an invitation to danger for me, I need to understand that and overcome that weakness.

Second, with quarters back in pocket, I offer you this gratuitous picture of my lunch yesterday, a small salad bar creation with a 1/2 cubed chicken breast; a splash of sesame oil for the flavor blast it gives (I hate all salad dressings; colored snot in a bottle).

Third, what I really want to share today is what I realized yesterday I was walking the corridor at work. Just minding my own business, saying Hi to passers by. I am one of those guys that knows almost everyone by name and I verbally  says hello if I pass you by. No careless head-nod in your direction or outright ignoring your presence. If you don’t want me to say Hi, then don’t cross my path.

Anyhow, so I am walking, and I realize just how slow I am going. I ponder my pace, and wonder when did I become such a slow point-A to point-B walker? No doubt over the last year when I relapsed into unhealthy ways.

Such behavior I can no longer accept of myself; to do so is to accept that it is OK to just do the minimum to get by. In part that is how I see accepting being over-weight, just accepting the minimum of myself.

With that decision made, I kicked up my pace, up just one notch. Wouldn’t you know it? It didn’t fell bad at all. I didn’t break into a sweat, nor did I bend over in pain or grow hair between my kidneys. It felt just fine!

If it felt just fine, then why not walk at that pace all the time?

Point… we have to incorporate a healthier attitude into all aspects of our days. Not just when we are eating, or exercising to burn calories.

Every minute we behave healthier, is a minute we are getting healthier.

  1. Melanie says:

    I became distracted at “hair between my kidneys” . . . .

    You make me chuckle, but your point is well taken. Time to pick up the pace!

  2. ewa says:

    Hi, Patrick! 🙂
    Vending machines are evil, period. It took me some effort but now I don’t even notice them. It’s been years since I bought anything from a vending machine.
    Be careful with that fast walking thing, soon you will be running and that stuff is highly addictive.

  3. Every minute we behave healthier, is a minute we are getting healthier.

    YES to that – little baby steps in every aspect of our life adds up! 🙂

  4. Allan says:

    Alive and well… Good to see…

  5. A little hair in the wrong place can be a bad thing

  6. I’m looking for a new addiction. Most of my previous ones have not been good ones to have.

  7. Adding up behavior and subtracting down weight

  8. Hey Allan, good to see you!

  9. Lori says:

    I don’t like salad dressing either. I’ve not thought to call it snot in a bottle but perhaps that is an apt description.

  10. Stuff is nasty tasting and nasty for us, amazing it sells

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