Fall Into WL

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Mission

The Minnehaha Falls in/near Minneapolis. We concluded our visit to the Twin Cities with a visit here. Small in comparison to the water falls of the world that typically accompany most folks ‘I Been There’ lists.

Small but just as poetic and powerful.

In looking at them I couldn’t help but find an attitude correlation in water falls and weight loss.

Consider someone standing in the pool of water atop the falls who wants to take on the adventure of going over the falls. People do this, seems like a death wish, but adventure seekers do this and survive to brag about fall-jumping.

The attitude of this adventurer must be dialed into to 100% committed, there is no start going over the falls & stopping, taking time off from the fall or going back up. Nope, it is 100% committed mission start to finish, or you don’t go.

That is the attitude the weight loss adventurer needs to embrace. Success is tied to our being 100% committed mission start to finish.

Time to get dialed in to 100%.

For me it’s time to get exercise back into the plan.

After work I’ll be stopping to get a new pair of walking shoes so that I can wear them out. Not start wearing them out, nope; I am going to wear them out going over the falls before me!

  1. ewa says:

    For many, and that includes me, having a fitness goal helps to stick with a program. That goal can be a 5k race, or a bike ride, or a walk event, but it has to be something concrete, with a deadline.

  2. My wife & I were talking about a 5k event in January we should consider. We need to talk about that again and decide whether to do it or not, not just consider it.

  3. Consistency, commitment & knowing AND ACCEPTING is going to be life long. I can tell you that from experience! 😉 Don’t let that overwhelm you – just take it a day at a time & keep on moving forward no matter what! 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    Good luck with wearing those shoes out! I’m in desperate need of new ones myself. Maybe when I get back from vacay…

  5. Yum Yucky says:

    “timmmberrrrrr!” no, wait. that’s the wrong kind of falling.
    glad you’re dialed in. 😉

  6. One say at a time indeed!!

  7. Hope vacation is amazingly stupendous and tasty in a healthy way 😉

  8. I just need a roll of duct tape to keep that dial in place where it belongs, and maybe a body guard to make sure nobody steals the tape, and a new sports car to drive real fast which will help me lose weight fast; right?

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