Minnesota Pictures

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Random pics from our time so far in the Minneapolis area where one son’s soccer team is competing in the USA Cup tourney…

Dinner Thursday night in Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Bluegill Platter! I have not had bluegill in two decades, oh was it good. Just don’t find panfish on menus back home. Yes, breaded, I removed what I could.

Proof we made it here…

Puma is the majority sponsor here. Usain Bolt stuff is everywhere which I found odd. Sure Bolt is a big name on Pumas payroll, but so are dozens of very successful and famous soccer players. I’m not in marketing, what do I know…

My son is a guest-player for this team, his own club team did not make the tourney so he was picked up by another team in need of talent. The burden of being a guest-player, your jersey number is whack, his is 340…

My wife in Target giving the customer before her the evil glare for not having a working credit card…

Rain, and lots if it! Wrecked the afternoon schedule of games. But still we got in all planned games for Saturday finishing our last just before it became too dark to play…

Wife and I celebrate a fine day on and off the soccer field with a beer.

Good Morning, kick butt or whatever you want to kick today!

  1. ewa says:

    Well, Patrick, you put it out there, you asked for it.
    I know you said you got the breading out and I don’t know what other menu choices you had. What I do know is that this would not be a good choice for me. In my case it is not even about burning those calories later but inducing cravings that do not want to leave me for days.

  2. Good point, bad choices fuel the cravings in us more than they fuel the body.

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